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uncategorized November 16, 2016

There are also Istanbul squares that all of us are familiar with … or even if a promotional film is to be filmed, the karele will be included first. Here we have traditional tastes that decorate those squares, we have gathered on a list. I thought it would be good to do nostalgia occasionally, to reschedule the old ones. Here are 10 street Flavor that make Istanbul to Istanbul! If you are far away, you are longing for it!

1 . Mis Fragrant Fish Bread


The fish baker in Karaköy Pier Square is one of the places I go to work occasionally. If you do not have a lot of time, if you have fish, it will be an alternative. Bread fish 6 TL. You can also get a drink next to the buffet.

2 . Banned Taste Kokorec


When the Turkish cuisine is prepared in a sterile environment, kokorec is an indispensable flavor for some of us. Kokorec is inedible everywhere, of course. If you’re buying it from Hele, you have to be careful. One of the cocore workers I tried and liked, Uncle who wandered around Beyoglu and Asmalı mescit, usually parked his car in front of Tepebaşı Flash TV building. If you come by, order a quarter of a bread.

3 . Hot Hot Street Fudge


When we were kids, we all passed through the neighborhood. Especially in the 80’s and 90’s the children know this flavor well. It would be nice, but it is my favorite cheese. Everything that gets in oil will be extra nice, that’s what it is. I still see a bench selling in the morning around Karakoy Namlı. I think if you fall into that neighborhood without breakfast one morning, you can evaluate this opportunity.

4 . Sweet Loaf Ring Sweet


It will be a bit of a slang but in other words a mallard dessert … The long and round version of your Tulumba dessert is actually. The demand is more than I suppose, it is still sweet on many street streets. Taste is not much different from tulumbum.

5 . Corn


When it comes to season, one of the lofty benches opened at every corner is milk corn stalls … It is generally boiled, but it is also roasted for lovers. You also know that lately, milk corn is being sold in the glass in the streets. Much more practical than eating over the cob. We can say that it is more attractive than the other because it also has the possibility to add butter, sauce or spices on it.

6 . Simit (Bagel)


The main role player of the Martitsal firing club is also the hero of the moment when “I’m going to squeeze a little light,” a crispy crispy sesame seed. The new state of the flour is a distinctive attraction. Unfortunately, all the simitizers are the same, boring municipal cars … I can suggest the famous Karaköy Simitçisi in Karaköy differently.

7 . Kumpir


Are you one of those guys who like every kind of potato like me? Then, one of Istanbul’s most famous street dishes will not be empty. Today, many restaurants are built in the buffet, but there is nowhere to be found at the entrance to Ortaköy’s street grocers … The price is around TL 10.

8 . Chestnut


Although we try to cook in our homes, the taste of roasted chestnuts is nothing. When winter arrives, it is possible to find a chestnut in the street in almost every street of Istanbul.

9 . Street Sandwiches


An uncle has been wandering around the streets of Beyoğlu for years. In his wicker basket, he tries to sell and sell fresh sandwiches and galleys in the street. There is also a unique replica. “I’m going to beeen. Fill it with white cheese, fill in the salami, fill the cheddar. ” In fact, this replica gave a name to Metin Akdemir’s award-winning short film in the documentary category. You can watch the movie right here. Anyway, this uncle, who is the subject of movies, even sells very nice sandwiches. I have been a favor since childhood. If you come in one day, be sure to try it.

10 . Stuffed mussels


Mussel stuffing is one of the delicacies that we can often encounter in the streets of Istanbul … It is inedible everywhere, but you will not be satisfied with the taste. My favorite street is Mine Nine on the beach of Büyükçekmece. For Beyoglu regulars, I can also suggest a portable counter at the entrance of Fish Market.

Have you ever eaten one of them? How was the taste of it? Please share your opinions with us as a comment!



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