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-Turkish History November 5, 2016

Alparslan the Ataturk, Nasreddin Hodja from Orhan Pamuk, Turkey’s biggest …Artist of the ruler in all kinds of branches are important people of the Turks.

1 . Metehan (MÖ 234-MÖ 174)


Asian Hun Empire founder Teoman Metehan son asked enthrone the Metehan’s half-brother instead. Metehan father the throne by killing his stepmother and stepbrother and had its golden age in the country. Turkey has established the first regular army and the first to introduce the decimal system.

 2 . Atilla


Germanic (German) legend of Attila is a great and benevolent ruler. Attila lives of many Germanic monarch in his palace. Nibelungenlied, consist of Hun-fighting Germanic. This story of Attila, called Etzel with great authority, magnanimous sword girded against the pacifists and the rebels are only a ruler. European Hun Empire, the capital of bilinmektedir.attil came here Etzelburg name of M.S. 453 by year end wedding night his wife was killed.

3 . Alp Arslan (1029-1072)


Great Seljuk ruler Alparslan one of the most important of the State, are imprinted on our minds with his Malazgirt war with Byzantium in 1071. For the first time the doors of the Byzantine Anatolia download big impact by winning the war that led to the Turks.

4 . Nasreddin Hoca (1208-1284)


Nasreddin, known for their present paragraph Hodja Nasreddin Hodja, individuals and the society was familiar with every aspect of people’s family, neighborhood, friendship, to correct the deficiencies he saw of their trade relations in the community and counsel to people who have expressed the intention with wit, has them shipped to consider and correct.

5 . Pîrî Reis (1465/1470 – 1554)


the discussion regarding the birth of the Piri Reis was born in 1470 in 1465 is known. Piri Reis, began near the maritime uncle; Between the years 1487-1493 yaptılar.kan piracy in the Mediterranean with the Sultan Süleyman period, was a period of great conquests. Piri Reis, Rhodes during the expedition in 1523 was part of the Ottoman Navy. In 1524 the grand vizier his guidance won the appreciation and support offered Kitab-ı Navy to revise the 1525 Ibrahim Pasha, the Magnificent through.

6 . Mimar (Architect) Sinan

Architect Sinan

Architect Sinan

7 . Mehmet Oz


US-Turkish physicians and servers. vice president and professor of surgery at Columbia University. Currently, New York Presbyterian Hospital, ” directs the Cardiovascular Institute and Complementary Drug Program. The most effective 3rd person of the business magazine Forbes by the year 2011, by Hippocrates Magazine Magazine “Doctor of the Year” by Halthy Living Magazine Magazine “millennium Improver” by New York Magazine Magazine “The Best Doctor of the Year” by the World Economic Forum ” Global Leader of Tomorrow “award. At the same time in 1996, “Turkish-American of the Year” award. The name “Castle Connolly’s Almanac” of the last Mehmet Oz, is the holder of many awards.

8 . Ali Kuşcu


Astronomers and theological scholar, Ali birder, father of Muhammad Sultan Timurid dynasty and astronomer Ulug Bey’s family because of the birdman “birder” was famous for his nickname. From a young age she was interested in mathematics and astronomy. He then went on to improve the information Kirman. II. She came to Istanbul with Mehmed’s request and did their studies.

9 . Fatih Sultan Mehmed (1432-1481)


In the last 2 times to the Ottoman throne. Mehmet era off and open a new era of events, that has made the conquest of Istanbul. Mind and art is said to give much importance. Istanbul conquered the Byzantine era ushered in the rise of the destruction of the country.

10 . Mustafa Kemal Atatürk


I tried to leave the place they do not have to write. Soldier, politician and state man has also book called Geometry. The marshal rank in the military field is one of two Turks. Which began in 1919 has made the leadership of the Turkish War of Independence; then it realized the revolution and reform constitutes modern Turkey. Tripoli and showed his genius by all the world wars, overthrow a decadent state has established a modern and strong country. rescue of occupied states in 1923 Ataturk founded the Republic of Turkey, Turkey is one of the largest Turkish history.

We remember with respect and longing …



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