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2 thousand 400 Annual rooms Grave Found in Milas

NEWS October 13, 2016

During excavation work in Muğla’s Milas district 2 thousand 400 years of history dating back to the pre-chamber tomb found. Estimated to belong to a wealthy family in the city was removed from the grave face 103 work days.


On the basis of the excavation of a building in the historic tomb in Milas Milas who have followed the excavations of the Archaeological Museum of teams in the field in question he was found in a chamber tomb.

the Museum Directorate teams conducted excavations, robbery-proof and reached today reached a number of works. In studies conducted by the team, which was removed from the face of the estimated 103 days of work a rich family.

Room tomb is believed to belong to one of the city’s leading families


Milas Museum Director Gulnaz Savran, AA said in a statement to reporters, the ancient Karia region has been the capital Mylasa city with rich finds from the burial chambers near the road sanctuary among religious center Labrada and quality architecture, said the city they think that they belong to one of the leading families.

Mylasa the ancient city of 2 thousand 600 years of settlement, Milas is now emphasizing that it is based on the ancient city Savran, therefore, he noted that the city preserved as a very important structure in a protected area.


Stating that they began rescue excavations in the region Savran, “We have access to data that shows encountered in the work we do on the first day can be a new burial chambers. We began to open the grave of our team. The site of the grave of the entrances so far around not playing any illegal excavations we have determined that the making. The Buddha gave us extremely excited . ” he said.

The burial chamber has never had robbery

Savran, the cover is expressed as a burial chamber which is extremely rich in finds in the view after opening the tomb, he said:

“The most gratifying part for us was that he never had the robbery of the burial chamber. We reached Ongoing studies have spend robberies in recent years and a chamber tombs reach up to the present day. Therefore number of works too much and preserved until today all the artifacts in the graves. Such striking the chamber tombs elaborate stonework, when the architecture and artifacts examined can say that this chamber tombs of Caria satrap dynasty which Hekotomnid and that it belonged to an important family who lived in the period and in the ongoing century probably continue to be used carefully by the members of the same family. ”

We reached 2 thousand 400 years of protected monuments


Generated team, working day and night is conducting excavation works and very important Savran received indicating that the grave is reached about 2 thousand 400 years before the works started today with the materials in the room, he said.

Work continued on the graves of other members of the same family to determine if they are used by pointing at Savran, 4 skeletons in the side of the sarcophagus along with a gift, reported burned seen other individuals buried in 6 cups.

Source : ONEDİO


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