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2 thousand 500 Annual Puzzle was Discovered on Smyrna Ancient City’s Wall

NEWS October 20, 2016

Izmir, on the walls of the basilica in the ancient city of Smyrna agora “top-down” and “left to right” asked the Greek word puzzle was found.


Smyrna Agora Excavations Committee Chairman Asst. Assoc. Dr. Akin Ersoy, AA said in a statement to reporters, based on 2 thousand 500 to 2 thousand years ago, the ancient city, he said come forward with graffiti.

Smyrna Agora Basilica on the “single instance” Akin Ersoy said they have identified a puzzle, conveyed the following information: “It looks like Acrostic. The same words were defined as five columns from left to right and top to bottom. Located in central ‘logos’ word ranks third from left to right and from top to bottom as well. Ranked one of these words are used to communicate with each other claiming that they were under pressure in the period in which the Christian community here. We have a bench in front of the murals because we want to see it as a puzzle. approach of working here, life unfolds in this way. ”

Akin Ersoy puzzle “reason” as well as the names and logos word meaning “floating people” told the asked.

“It’s hard to extrapolate from Puzzles”

Pointing out that it is difficult to make sense of the puzzle Ersoy, “There is no meaning in names. Some researchers may also be a reference to the Christian community as well. “He said.

“Pray also have”

Akin said attracted the attention of prayer in the wall of the basilica section Ersoy, his eyes said he healed a person’s pagan explained that thanks to the gods for lamp oil. Improving people’s eyes “light” evokes when burning candles which can not be understood as indicating that thank god Ersoy, he said: “Zeus, Apollo may have şükredil. Obviously the person who wrote this article healed, wants to light oil lamps. medical school in Izmir can have an important role in eye diseases that time did she believe. Pergamon Galen, seeing a 2-year anatomy education in Izmir in his youth. Eye disorders writes in his work in Izmir, we think we can such comments. Maybe it was the leadership is concerned among others the medical school here. ”


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