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-Turkey Attractions October 10, 2016

Making it outlined the most beautiful beaches in the world. 5 of them in the list of the 15 beaches in Turkey …

1 . Iztuzu, Dalyan, Mugla Turkey


Muğla Ortaca Dalyan due to the world-famous beaches of Iztuzu, is located in a protected zone in the Lycian coast. Soft sand and crystal clear sea in the world with pristine turquoise waters and beaches draw thousands of tourists to our country is making in host Caretta caretta in the spawning period.

2 . Navagio, Zakynthos, Greece


Sarp has remained secret of Zakynthos at the foot of the white cliffs virgin dark Navagio, surprise, involves the enclosed beach with the blue waters where you can see the ground face: a shipwreck that had been abandoned traffickers are standing in the middle of the beach.

3 . Whitehaven, Whitsunday Islands, Australia


Whitehaven mostly known as the best beach in Australia, rainforest, is only one of the Whitsunday Islands, where white sand and turquoise colored water meet.

4  . Balos Beach, Gramvousa Island, Greece


Balos Beach lagoon rather northwestern Crete, 53 km from the city of Ioannina and is located 15 km from the nearest town of Kissamos. A lagoon beach of Balos, Gramvousa peninsula remains between Tigani and nose.

5 . Kaputas Beach, Kas, Antalya Turkey


Kaputaş located between the districts of Antalya, Kaş and Kalkan Beach is accessible by stairs comprising 187 steps. On the beach, come from the canyon, place under cool running water descending, reaches out to the sea through the sand.

6 . Phi Phi Island, Thailand


Thailand in the 1990s to find a utopian paradise in which to explore the backpackers now is a little difficult, you greatly draw not paying follow the driven route a different route, Thailand is still possible to have a paradise to experience wilderness in the famous man of the coast.

7 . Bora Bora, French Polynesia


Polynesian word; sun, soft white sands and turquoise waters of an exotic paradise we consider a combination bell. Bora Bora in the Pacific Ocean, just one point, but the most famous of the French Polynesian island on the map.

8 . Olüdeniz, Fethiye, Mugla Turkey


In summer, the world-renowned center of attraction for domestic yabacı thousands of tourists with its magnificent beaches and natural beauty of Fethiye are doing a lot of houses. The nature wonders of Oludeniz lagoon, the famous Valley of the Butterflies of butterflies, Kıdrak covered with pines, calm and clear Ship Work with wonderful sunset views make up just a few of the fabulous beaches of Fethiye.

9 . La Digue, Seychelles


Seychelles, particularly preferred by honeymoon couples could be described as a tropical paradise on earth. All Praslin Seychelles in the Bird Island beach with first class ..

10 . Palawan, Filipinler


Philippines, magnificent beaches, known as one of the first to come to mind if countries such as Thailand or Malaysia, islands Bacuit Teams nature perfect for those looking for a real escape.

11 . Playa San Miguel, Ibiza, Spain


Although today’s corrupt nature of many islands in the region, which is hosting around the world and perhaps the most beautiful beaches I have stayed hidden in the Mediterranean Ibiza. One of them is San Miguel.

12 . One Foot Island, Cook Islands, Australia


One Foot Island is one of Australia‘s Cook Islands, Aitutaki lagoon with an enchanting beauty has made world-famous. Aitutaki, particularly to the fore in the honeymoon choice.

13. Kavros Beach, Crete, Greece


Aegean sea in one of the neighboring Greek island of Crete in the area of Kavros Ioannina, ideal for those looking for a quiet beach. shallow clear waters stretching thin on the sand on the coastline, a few meters after the deepening blue as you can see in the photo is a view.

14 . Cirali Beach, Olympos, Antalya Turkey


Antalya-Kas road is a hidden paradise on the beach in Cirali Olympos, because it is the site of one of Turkey’s holiday resort of rare beauty can protect pristine. proving the beach to the natural beauty still home to Caretta Caretta, slightly stony sea gave coolness of the river bed and went to the fine-grained sand beach adorned every summer attracts himself.

15 . Patara, Kaş, Antalya Turkey


The soft sand Patara, 50 meters from the shore, even if you still uzaklaşsa Turkey with shallow sea and one of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Roman-era ruins and the Caretta Caretta, which is one of the most beautiful ruins of our country with vast coastline, which houses Patara in Antalya’s Kaş district’s boundaries.

What do you think? Do you agree with our list? Please share your opinions with us as a comment!



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