About Us

June 5, 2016


Who are we?

As the founders of istanbulturkeybook.com we can define ourselves as two young caretakers. The basis of the foundation of our site has been influenced by the opinions and recommendations of tourists we have met in our country during our university education. As two very close friends who have grown up in Turkey and spent their lives in Istanbul , the country’s most popular city, we aim to tell our country the most colorful, moving and funny spots we can.

Mustafa Gökmen is a new graduate from Istanbul University’s Public Relations and Publicity Department. While working as a text writer in a private establishment, he aims to introduce Turkey and Istanbul by conveying his experiences about the city he lived in the best way.

The other founder of our site is Emre Bayram who has a good idea about the concept of the site. After completing his study life, he aims to introduce his country to the world with a strong desire while working in the field of real estate.

Especially after the recent political developments, people think that they are in generalities by misbehaving about our countries and our people. This change of situation has begun to work together with his best friend to carry out a project that can be a guide for Istanbul, Turkey and Turkish people literally.

What is our purpose?

www.istanbulturkeybook.com, which was established in 2016, does not limit the visitor’s site to strict and strict rules. Our aim is not only to attract attention as a tourist site, but even when it comes time to criticize the mistakes, we are introducing our country in the most accurate way. Moreover, it is not only to introduce points of interest, but to promote humor in every sense, from humans to humor culture, from culture to demography. If we succeed in the scope of this project, we can contribute to opening the world market to many people, institutions and organizations from our country.

How can you reach us?

You can visit our contact page to contact us on requests such as requests, suggestions or advertisements.