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ISTANBUL July 24, 2017

Istanbul Turkey is one of the most popular and crowded cities in the country. Istanbul has been home to great civilizations such as Rome , Byzantine, Constantine and Ottoman for centuries. The geographical location is very important because it is located at the junction of the city, Asia and Europe. Throughout history, this characteristic has been tried to be controlled by the great civilizations for the reason.

İstanbulTurkey is one of the most remarkable cities of the world in the day. Basilica Cistern, Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace and many other famous places are home to historical reasons. There are many facts about Istanbul that many people do not know about. In this article we will share with you the amazing facts about Istanbul Turkey.

In the year 1502
We have said that the city of Istanbul Turkey is home to many civilizations. Istanbul, which was in Ottoman rule in 1502, was the most crowded city in the world.

It comes from the name of the Byzantine emperor of Constantine period of Istanbul. Brief information: It is built on 7 hills in Istanbul like Roma.

The oldest tunnel
The tunnel built in 1875 in Istanbul is the world’s oldest third metro.

Grand Bazaar
Grand Bazaar is the world’s largest covered bazaar with three thousand shops in it. It is reported that Grand Bazaar hosted half a million people during the peak of the year.

Inspiration source for famous authors
Famous writers such as Paul Theroux, Ernest Hemingway and Orhan Pamuk have explained that they are inspired by Istanbul.

Detective in Istanbul
Famous English writer Agatha Christie wrote his novel Murder in East Express at Pera Palas Hotel in Istanbul.

Galata Tower
The Galata Tower was used as a prison and observation house in the past. It is also said that Hazerfan Ahmet Çelebi, one of the famous names of the Ottoman era, jumped on this tower with his homemade wings.

The lilies, which are the symbol of the Netherlands today, were first shipped from Istanbul to the Netherlands.

Toilet Habit
It is known that there were more than four hundred public toilets in the Ottoman period from Istanbul Turkey. This figure is quite small in Europe during the same period.

Population burst
It is estimated that the population of Istanbul Turkey today is more than 16 million. This figure is higher than the population of many countries such as Greece, Belgium, Tunisia, Portugal.

Bagdat Street
It is one of the oldest known routes of the city. It has been used by humans since the Byzantine period. The Ottoman Empire used this way as it went to the eastern wars. For this reason, the name is designated as “Baghdad road”. Today, The streey is one of the most important corners of ıstanbul Turkey.

Golden Horn
This throat of Istanbul is known as “Golden Horn” in Turkey. However, it is known as Golden Horn in European and foreign sources. The Golden Horn is based on the original Greek civilization of the name and is known as “Hriso Keras”. It means “Golden Dolphin”.

The Statue of Liberty
Just like in America, there is also a monument of freedom in Istanbul Turkey. This monument is located in Istanbul Şişli district. The monument of freedom here is very small compared to the memorial in America.

Holy water
What is “Ayazma”? According to the belief of Christianity, “Ayazma” means holy water. In ancient times, there are many “Ayazma” in Istanbul because many Christians live in the city.

Istanbul’s “Balat” neighborhood is quite famous. This word comes from the meaning of “palation” which means rumus palace. It was first used only as a name for a door, then the name of the entire neighborhood was “Balat”

Bebek district
“Bebek” is one of the most luxurious neighborhoods of Istanbul today.” The name of this area was given by Mehmet the Conqueror after the conquest of the city of Istanbul. Actually, the name is the nickname of the security officer of the division. Today you can still see the house where the security officer lived in the Ottoman period.

Belgrad Forest
The Belgrade forest gave the name of the strangers Suleiman the Magnificent, known as the Great Suleyman. There is a village of the same name in the region during the Ottoman period. This village was established for the survival of Serb soldiers captured during the Ottoman period.

Beşiktaş Region
The first name of the Beşiktaş district was known as “Kone Petro”. This word means “stone cradle.” According to the legend, one of the greatest saints of the time was Hz. He brought Jesus to Istanbul and hid in Besiktas region. Hz. Jesus was first washed in this stone cradle. Before the saint dies, he hid the sacred cradle to the Hagia Sophia.

Ciragan Palace
Damat Ibrahim, one of the most important Grand Viziers of the Ottoman period, gave the name to this palace. “Ciragan” means the light shining in Persian language. This name has been given to the palace for the reasons of light fun made in the region of the former palace.

Having an incredible cultural heritage, Istanbul Turkey has a 2000-year history of civilization. Istanbul is the only city that combines two continents (Asia and Europe) as a bridge over the world. With its population, Istanbul is one of Europe’s and the world’s largest cities. Istanbul Turkey was the capital city of civilizations such as Rome, Byzantine Ottoman Empire. However, the capital of the republic of Turkey in the world today is “Ankara.” Istanbul Turkey is the city with the most mosques in the country. There are more than 3,000 mosques in Istanbul Turkey today. From these mosques, Blue Mosque is one of the most famous historical buildings abroad. Istanbul Turkey is one of the fastest growing tourism centers in the world. Istanbul sightseeing is generally located in the area of the Sultanahmet square (hippodrome) of the city.

Haghia Sophia, one of Istanbul’s most valuable art and architectural monuments, was built in 575 BC. This historical monument was first used as a church. After the date of 1453 (conquest of Istanbul), it was used as a mosque by the Ottoman Empire. Hagia Sophia is used as a museum today.

Beşiktaş F.C, the oldest sports club in Turkey, is a team belonging to the city of Istanbul. Istanbul is famous for its seafood. There are quite many restaurants in the neighborhoods of the city such as “Kumkapı, Eminönü“. At the same time there are luxurious restaurants around the Bosphorus to eat delicious fish dishes. In 2014, Travelers Choice became the city with the highest number of votes in the competition. The world’s most famous cities such as Rome, Paris , New York have also participated in the race. The Turkish bath is also famous in Europe. There are 237 hammams remaining from the Ottoman period in Istanbul. Today only 60 of these hammams are available. The biggest bath in the city, Tahtakale Turkish bath. Nargile is one of the most rooted habits of the Ottoman era. It is very pleasant to drink a well made Turkish narghile. It is possible to find a wonderfully prepared Nargile (Hookah) in Istanbul’s Tophane district. Also known as water pipe in Europe.

Galata Tower is one of the most famous symbols of Istanbul. The tower was first used to convict prisoners of war. It was later used as a sea lantern. Galata tower serves as a restaurant today. If you get to the top of Galata Tower, you can see Istanbul city at 360 degree angle.  Germany, Russia, America, Italy, Iran, the Netherlands are among the most visited countries of the city of Istanbul. Spice Bazaar has been one of the biggest spice markets of both the world and Istanbul since 1660. Istanbul was chosen as the cultural capital of Europe in 2010. Byzantion, Augusta Antonina, Nova Roma, Constantinople, Constantine are among the names used for Istanbul Turkey in history. These names were given by different civilizations.

Where can you stay?

Where can you stay when you travel to Istanbul, one of the most popular cities in the world? It is quite difficult to find a good accommodation center for the visitors. We will share with you the most recommended hotels in Istanbul. After arriving in Istanbul, those who want to stay in a place close to the airport can evaluate the “Hotel Yenibosna” option. You can evaluate the “Taksim Istiklal Apartment, Taxim Trend Apart, Cozy Room Taxim” options which are close to entertainment centers and night life in Istanbul. Basilica Cistern, Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque are among the most valuable hotels of Istanbul Turkey and they can evaluate hotel options like “Dom Hotel, Cem Sultan Hotel, Wish Hotel“.




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