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TURKEY May 9, 2017

Antalya Turkey is the most popular and most visited holiday destination in the country. Millions of foreigners come to Antalya to spend a wonderful summer holiday. It is not only within the borders of Turkey, but also one of the most popular tourist cities in the world at the same time. Because it is located within the borders of the Mediterranean region, it is in a very favored position, especially for those who are hesitant about security. Antalya Turkey has become world famous with its natural beauties as well as its historical and cultural beauties. There are many places to visit in Antalya. We will also talk about the places to visit in Antalya in the progressive parts of our writing. How do you go to Antalya in Antalya Turkey travel guide we prepared for you? What to eat? Where can you stay? You can find answers to many questions such as

The history of the city of Antalya dates back to ancient times. This is one of the factors that makes the city so attractive. It is like a rising jenny in the southern part. According to Söylentiye, “a commander in ancient times ordered him to have the paradise on earth, his soldiers show him Antalya and this commander likes this city very much.” The real history of Antalya dates back to fifty thousand BC. The city’s two famous caves, “Karain” and “Beldibi“, have remnants of paleolithic and Mesolithic periods. Antalya is the city with the most ancient cities in the country with its rooted historical reason. It makes sense: you can make wonderful walks that will bring you to the magical world of the past while at the same time cooling off in the scorching heat of summer, the most beautiful beaches of the world.

If you are coming from Europe or America to make a holiday in Antalya, you can find many five star hotels that offer quality service at very cheap prices. It is one of the most popular hotels in the country. At the same time, it offers incredible opportunities for summer holidays with its warm climate, clean seas and clean beaches. Antalya’s weather summers are warm and winters are warm. The average temperature in summer is quite high.

Why should you go to Antalya?

One of Antalya’s most famous natural beauties, Kurşunlu waterfall

If you like to travel, you also like to explore the different points of the world. If you are thinking of coming to Turkey one day, Antalya is definitely one of the cities you should see. When you make a peaceful holiday in this city, you can enjoy unlimited benefits from the blessings that nature has given us. Antalya is one of the safest regions of Turkey. When you reach the city, you will deserve us against the landscape you see. In this city life begins with the first lights of the sun, continuing from the night to the sabah.

If you come to Antalya Turkey, be careful to visit. You can spend most of your vacation in the most useful way. In the morning of a peaceful sleep, you can go out and get up early. Part of the day, visit the inner parts of the city, and partly to define the city of a day. From now on you can slowly explore the wonderful villagers, peasants and ancient cities hidden behind the hills that the sun carries. You do not need to pay for any of these separately. In this city, nature, the sun, the sea, the weather offers all the opportunities openly.

When you come to Antalya, try the rare dishes of Turkish cuisine. Organically cooked meals from local people will be very effective when we have a healthy and cheerful holiday. When you want to be in the culture of the Turks, you can be a guest of the local people. These sincere people do not avoid friendship, love. Please chat with a few, meet and see that they will give you gifts from themselves. They can even guide you along the green and blue nature trails you will travel from the beginning to the end. Time will be very important for your holiday in Antalya. Because you may not have enough time to get to know all the beauties. In the past years, you will see that people from Europe and America have bought houses in this city, you can meet them and ask them to make friends in the city.

Antalya Turkey Map

The city of Antalya is located in the southern part of Turkey in the Mediterranean Region. Just around the city is the “Taurus Mountains”. Antalya is also very suitable for tourists who want to do nature sightseeing at the same time. In the western region of the city are platelets and bowls. Antalya is in the south and Mugla is in the west. There is Konya in the upper part. We share with you a map of Antalya Turkey taken from a google maps.

A map showing Antalya’s position in Turkey

How can you go to Antalya?

Transportation is very easy because the city is one of the most important tourism centers of Turkey. There are flights to Antalya from all airports in Turkey. You can also get to Antalya by using the sea bus. It is very simple to provide transport to the city by road. All bus terminals have Antalya buses every hour.

You can use trams, buses, taxis, bicycles for transport within the city. It is also easy to find mini-buses that you can travel around the city with cash. Before leaving, you can see the bus stops with a small map showing transportation points. You can also use the navigation feature of your smartphone.

Antray” name is used for tram in Antalya. Antray is very useful for walking around the city. This vehicle, which has 16 stops in total, is the type of transportation that local people use most. In 2017, you will have to pay 2 TL to use this vehicle. Antray is also within 200 meters of the city’s central bus terminal. This situation is very important for foreigners coming. You can use the sea bus from Antalya to Kemer, another wonderful tourist area of Turkey. The sea bus starts from Antalya from 09:00 – 12:00 – 16:00.

Antalya Accommodation Guide

Where can you stay in Antalya? In fact, this question has a very broad answer. You can stay in quite different kinds of places in this country which is the most developed city in the tourism field of the country. Stay in boutique hotels that offer quality service at the cheapest rate, if you want to be a guest to the locals’ families, book a five-star luxury hotel for five nights to have an extremely enjoyable holiday.

If you want to stay close to the airport in Antalya, you can stay in the “Lara” area which is famous for its quality of service. If you want to stay in reasonably priced hotels, you can choose Antalya – Kemer region. The “Belek” region is famous for its luxury hotels. Here you can find many five star hotels. Antalya – “Kaleiçi” region is famous with its historical mansions, you can stay in these places.

Those who want to stay near the city center in Antalya, “Aydin Otel Pansiyon, Ersoy Aga Otel, Marina Hostel” can evaluate the options. Those who want to stay in affordable hotels in this city can rate “Camel Pension and Aparts, Kaleiçi Hotel, Kaktus Apart” options. To stay in Antalya, I recommend you to visit the “Citrus Garden Hotel, Lara Orkide Homes, The Suites

Places to visit in Antalya

Amazing antique theater that remains in our list of places to visit in Antalya

Antalya is one of the most visited places in Turkey. The reason for this is that there are quite a lot of natural beauties as well as historical beauties. The list of places to visit in Antalya will be quite long. However, we have listed the most important trips of Antalya for you. You can easily visit the places in this list if your holiday is short or long. You can find places to visit in Antalya.

Kaleiçi: There are historical houses you need to see here. Almost every street you meet in the “Kaleiçi” region reaches the sea. Historical houses from the Ottoman period are quite magnificent. At the same time there are restaurants where you can find different Turkish cuisine dishes. It is also a convenient place to shop.

Olympos Ancient City: With its mythological history, this ancient city is one of the most important stops of Antalya’s list of places to visit. It means “big mountain” in Yunnan. It is the most important city of ancient Lycian civilization. For this reason, Olympos is home to the remains of the Lycian civilization. It is believed that the gods in ancient Greek mythology lived on top of this mountain.

Yanartaş: This area is located in Olympos mountain. The fire here has been a source for the legendary bird legend and olympic fire because it has been fading for centuries.

Aspendos (Ancient Theater): This magnificent antique theater was built by Rome in the second century after Milat. The other name of the Aspendos theater is known as “Belkıs”. Tarihe recommends that curious people see this legendary building. The ancient theater is located next to Antalya’s famous “köprüçay” river. In addition, the theater has its own legend. If you visit Aspendos in the tour guide accompaniment, you can ask your guide to tell you this story.

Side Ancient city: There are quite a number of ancient cities in Antalya. One of the most important of these ancient cities is Side Antique City. The meaning of the side word comes from the fruit of the “pomegranate”, which is the symbol of fertility on the old side. This ancient city was home to both the Lycian civilization and the Persian civilization. People living in this city worshiped and left artifacts for Greek gods such as “Apollo, Athena, Aphrodite, Ares”.

There is also a Museum of the Side Antique City. You can visit the side museum between 09:00 and 17:30.

Köprülü Canyon: Köprülü Canyon is Turkey’s longest canyon. This canyon is located around the famous rafting structure of Antalya, Köprüçay. The beauty of the natural surroundings around the canyon fascinates people. The most important activity you can do in this canyon of Antalya is rafting. We recommend you rafting in this car with a passionate enthusiasm. You can also do nature walks and jeeps.

Beldibi Cave: It is bound to the Kemer district of Antalya. It is located very close to the sea and is visited by thousands of people every year. It is estimated that the cave has remained from the prehistoric period. This region is constantly open to tourists.

Turkish Cuisine in Antalya

Antalya is a region affected by the Mediterranean climate. For this reason, it can be seen that vegetable dishes are very diverse in Turkish cuisine in Antalya. The dishes rich in C vitamins are very expensive. During your visit to Antalya you can eat both healthy and enjoy the different cultural dishes. Go to Antalya and we recommend you to taste the regional flavors such as “Taratorlı Piyaz, Hülüklü Soup, Taurus Salad, Zerde, Tandır Kebab“. In Antalya you can visit restaurants such as “7 Mehmet, Antalya Fish House, Piyazcı Ahmet” to eat regional specialties.

Antalya, Duden waterfall

Antalya Nightlife

Night life in Antalya is quite colorful and vibrant. If you want to be crowded in the city where many entertainment venues are, you can have fun in calm surroundings. Also, if you are staying in one of the luxury hotels, this hotel can organize different cultural events for your visitors.

For those who are interested in night life in the Kaleici district, this area has lots of entertainment venues such as Turkish pubs, English pubs, taverns. If you want to use alcohol, you can opt for Rock bars in this area. In areas such as Kemer and Titreyengol, which are next to the Kaleiçi region, there are quite a lot of entertainment places like Rock bars and English pubs.

One of the most important points of night life in Antalya is the Tudors Bar located in Kaleici. This entertainment venue is often preferred by younger students because it is cheaper. If you like to listen to live music, you can choose the Simurg bar in the same area. Simurg is small as a bar area, but it displays quality live music. If you want uninterrupted entertainment, you may prefer Up Shot Bar located in the same area. If you stay in the “Kemer” area, you can opt for the Aura Club belt entertainment near here, for unlimited entertainment. At the same time there is a Hangar Bar where many concerts are held in the Olympos region for those who like different music genres.

If you want to see some different things and if you are interested in the entertainment culture of the Turks, you can choose different entertainment centers like “Diogenes Meyhanesi, Bi ‘Büyük Meyhane, Rebel (İsyan) Meyhane“.

Festivals in Antalya

Aspendos International Opera and Ballet Festival: 5-28 september
International Antalya Piano Festival
Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival
Manavgat Film Festival
International Antalya Sand Festival


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