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NEWS November 26, 2016

The European Parliament’s general assembly meeting in Strasbourg this week is of great importance for Turkey’s European Union membership. Parliament will present the future of the negotiation process with Turkey on Thursday (November 24th). The decision to temporarily freeze negotiations at the meeting is expected, but the decision will not be binding. The AP has no authority to suspend negotiations with Turkey alone. Parliament’s decision is therefore a recommendation for EU leaders to meet in December.


The European Parliament will debate the future of relations with Turkey at this session. European parliamentarians want to stop their membership negotiations with Turkey.

At the meeting, it is expected that the decision to temporarily freeze membership negotiations with Turkey is expected.

On Thursday (November 24th) after the meeting, the provisional freeze of negotiations between Turkey and the EU will also be voted on.

‘We can not continue our path as if nothing had happened’

Speaking to BBC Turkish from Selin Crete, Turkey’s rapporteur on the European Parliament, Kati Piri, will be quoted as saying that “the provisional freezing of membership negotiations with Turkey” will be recommended.

“I do not think you have the credibility to continue the EU membership negotiations under the current conditions,” Piri said, “we can not proceed as if nothing had happened.”

No binding, the last word EU leaders will tell


The AP has no authority to suspend membership negotiations. The decision to be taken on Thursday is not legally binding, but it is not possible to make the decision to be taken by the EP completely.

The decision of Parliament will be a recommendation for EU leaders.

According to Yusuf Ozkan’s report, EU leaders will also discuss the future of Turkey’s relations with the summit to be held in December. The AP’s decision has the potential to create political pressure for this meeting. The last word on this issue will be EU leaders.

If the decision passes, Turkey’s reaction may be too harsh.

What do you think about this? Do you think Turkey should be in the European Union? Please share your opinions with us as a comment!



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