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TURKEY April 19, 2017

With Artvin Turkey Guide we will introduce you to the wonderful city of Turkey that is defined by this green paradise. Today, green areas are gradually disappearing due to the fact that the population of the people is growing considerably. This is undoubtedly a disaster for nature enthusiasts, animals and travelers. The beautiful areas in the world where human hands do not touch are gradually diminishing. The green paradise, which is rich in natural beauty, is protected in the city of Artvin for this reason. Artvin is one of the rarely beautiful areas of the country where the green areas have been successfully preserved. Although the rich underground resources found here have been tried to be destroyed, it has been ensured that the Turkish people are protected by the intense reactions.

Artvin has a population of approximately 165,000 according to current information. The city is divided into 8 districts in total. (Ardanuç, Arhavi, Borçka, Hopa, Murgul, Şavşat, Yusufeli) If you are thinking of visiting Turkey, we recommend you to add Artvin city to your list of places to visit. This city which we can call “Green Paradise” has many places to visit. Artvin has many national parks, forests, streams and glass.

Note: Artvin is located within the borders of the Eastern Black Sea Region of Turkey. In the image below you can see an Artvin map from google maps. It is located in Erzurum in the south of the city, and Rize in the west.

An Artvin map of Turkey taken from Google maps is located in the city of Artvin in the south of Erzurum and in the city of Rize in the west.

Artvin Weather and When to Go to?

The features of the Black Sea climate can be seen within the borders of Artvin Turkey. For this reason, black tea production can be done intensively in this city. Artvin’s weather is generally warm in all seasons. However, it is important to note that this soft weather is often rainy. Especially in the autumn and spring season there is a lot of rain. If you want to spend a wonderful green holiday with nature, we can say that this is the right place for you. If you do not come from a place with very hot weather conditions, it is very difficult in Artvin city. The lowest temperature in the city is seen in winter months. In this mountainous area, the conditions of life are very difficult with the reason of falling snow in the winter months. For this reason, we can say that the best time to go to Artvin is the end of the spring season and the summer season. In winter the temperature can be reduced to -7 degrees, while the highest temperature in summer is 15 degrees. However, one of the most beautiful places of the city of Artvin is the plateau tours. If you want to go to the park while you are in town, we strongly advise you to keep thick clothes on your side. Yayls are visited in summer, and even in summer, these areas have a cool atmosphere because they are located at a very high altitude.

An image of picnic areas specially designed in nature in the deep green forests of Artvin.

How can you go to Artvin Turkey? There are many different transportation options to go to Artvin. The city of Artvin has bus services from all over Turkey. You can easily reach the city by road. If you want to come to Istanbul in the first step of your journey and want to get to Artvin from here, you should first make a ferry trip from Istanbul to Trabzon. Later on, you can reach Trabzon by bus to Artvin.

Airport Artvin does not have an airport. You can take an airplane trip from Istanbul to Erzurum to reach this city by airplane. From here you can reach Artvin by a fairly short bus journey. Likewise, you can travel from Istanbul to Trabzon by plane. If you want to travel to the city of “green paradise” by train, you can take a train from Istanbul to Erzurum by train, then you can pass by bus to Artvin.

The local houses shown in the picture are the traditional wooden Black Sea houses which belong to local people who can also have visitors to Artvin at the same time.

Artvin Turkey Accommodation Guide

Artvin is one of the rare cities visited both for winter tourism and for nature tourism. For this reason, you can choose a type of accommodation if you are going to the city for what purpose. For those who want to go to Artvin for highland and nature tourism, you can stay in traditional style boutique hotels and in the homes of locals. In addition, those who want to stay away from nature with people can easily camp. In this city; Caucasian Forest Recreation Area, Borçka Karagöl, Şavşat Karagöl, Yusufeli Surrounded Village, Hatila Valley can be safely camped.

Artvin also has important regions in health tourism. There is plenty of fresh air in the city and plenty of hot springs at the same time. For the thermal spring, visitors to Artvin can stay at the “Otingo spa resort“. In addition, those who come for city winter sports can stay at the ski resort “Atabari“, 17 km away from the city center. At the same time you can also stay in boutique hotels, which offer many quality services.

Places to Visit in Artvin

Places to Visit in Artvin are not listed, and Artvin Turkey is one of the most important parts of our guide. There is a lot of places to visit in this city which we call the “Green Paradise” of the Black Sea region. Unfortunately, in our list of places to visit in Artvin, it is not possible to sort all of these places. For this reason, you can also go on a reconnaissance trip when you have a scene together with important points we share with you. In green paradise there are many points that nature and history lovers should see. One of the most beautiful features of Artvin is that it is a very peaceful city. Perhaps you can move away from the stressful days of city life by embarking on a green journey that deeply affects the inner world.

In 1994, an image of Artvin Karagöl national park, which has been preserved and turned into a national park, has unique natural beauties.

Karagöl Sahara National Park: We start with a list of places to see in Artvin with this wonderful wooded area. Do you dream of a holiday that you want to combine with nature? Then you must add this national park to your list of places to visit in Artvin. Karagöl National Park consists of two parts: the first of these sections is named “Karagöl” and the second is named “Sahara“. You can see forests, lakes, campsites in the national park, Karagöl area. At the same time, highland tours are held in the “Sahara” section of the national park. You can safely walk around beautiful springs in this area. This area has been serving as a national park since 1994.

Ardanuç (Gevhernik) Castle: This castle was built in the 5th century. After that it was used as the accommodation center of the Georgian kings. Afterwards he passed to the hands of the Ottoman Empire. The castle is now under protection. We would recommend visiting Artvin after sightseeing of nature. At the same time, it is open in this hilly area, you do not need to pay an entrance fee.

Artvin (Livane) Castle: We continue with Artvin (Livane) Castle, our list of places to visit in Artvin. The castle was built in 937 by the king of Belgrade “Ohe”. Artvin Castle is located opposite the Artvin bridge. You can enter Kaley without paying any entrance fee. There are chapels and chapels in the castle. It is visited by many visitors.

A photograph of the church in Artvin during the winter months.

Barhal (Altıparmak) Church: This church is located within the boundaries of Artvin’s Yusufeli district. It was first made by the king David Magistros as a monastery. Later, it was transformed into a community during the Ottoman Empire period.

Mençuna Waterfall: This waterfall is one of the biggest waterfalls of the Eastern Black Sea Region. It is one of the places that are very popular with visitors to the city. It is reminiscent of the green heavenly nickname with clear water and green forests integrated with it. There are free picnic areas around the waterfall.

Cehennem (Hell) Canyon: This canyon is considered to be the world’s second largest canyon after the Grand Canyon in America. This attracts many tourists. If you can take pictures of landscapes, you can take great pictures both in Hell Canyon and other places in our list of places to visit in Artvin.

One of the largest waterfalls in the Eastern Black Sea, Artvin is a photograph taken during the people’s visit to the waterfall and its surroundings.

Turkish Cuisine in Artvin

In Artvin Turkey, the characteristics of the Black Sea kitchen, where most of the vegetable dishes such as other cities of the Black Sea region are found, are seen. Artvin exhibits rich examples of Turkish cuisine as many plant species are grown in the Black Sea region. Vegetables, soup varieties, cucumbers, home dishes, sweets are quite varied. In Artvin Turkish cuisine, “Keskek, Gendima, Herisa, Şilav, Laz böreği, Hınkal, Katmer, Noodle, Çergebaz and Turkish Delight” are the dishes that we recommend you to taste. Besides meat dishes, you can find many vegetarian dishes in Artvin Turkish cuisine. At the same time in a city with a lot of natural honey production, if you pay attention to eating purely produced honey, even healthy eating, we recommend you to buy.

If you do not want to eat traditional food with local people in Artvin, you can eat Artvin Turkish cuisine in restaurants such as “Sevgi Sofrasi, Klasklerebi, Meroli, Çifteköprü Restaurant“. It is your choice to tip the restaurants.

The people of the Black Sea, known for their enthusiastic personalities, have a traditional game called “Horon”. In the picture you can see the dance game made with local clothes.

Things to do in Artvin

Shopping: As an activity to be done in Artvin, it can be shown as shopping except for nature walks and sightseeing. Special handcrafted rugs, artifacts made from earth, and souvenirs adorned with colored stones can be bought with Artvin’s vivid colors.

Festivals: There are quite a few festivals in the city of Artvin. If you join one of these festivals during your journey, you can get to know the local people who reflect their enthusiastic lifestyles. In addition to the important festivals we will recommend to you, depending on your departure time, you can easily participate in different festivals. In these festivals you can find various souvenirs, fun games, local dishes with great flavors.

Culture, Tourism, Art Festival: First week of July
Bull Wrestling: (Sarıgöl – 09 March)
Pınarlı Village Fat Wrestling Festival: the fourth week of May
Highland Immigration Festival: First week of July


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