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-Turkey Attractions October 8, 2016

1 . Sarimsakli Beach – Ayvalik Turkey


the most beautiful beaches where you can swim in Ayvalık, in the pearl of the Aegean coast with garlic. People Although the beach, you can find a variety of businesses along the 8 km long coastline. Sea and sandy coastline completely. Even Turkey and documented by the World Health Organization, the world’s most perfect sand stone features. Coast in 2013 and received the 2014 blue flag. an award-winning beach with him you understand. The closest airport Edremit Airport Area.

2 . Kefalos Beach – Gökceada Turkey


Gökçeada is the beach to windsurf and kitesurf recently opened tourism Kefalos. This is the North Aegean Patara also say … a long sandy beach and plenty of wind in the area is very suitable for water sports. But to swim in the sea if you want to spend long hours no one can call you. Surfing who does not bother you, but rather is enjoyable to watch as well. Also in the Salt Lake seaside you go here you can do a mud bath. All the blue flag coast of Gökçeada. Gokceada summer flights are maintained.

3 . Ayazma Beach – Bozcaada Turkey


this is the best place for the cold seafood lovers. Bozcaada Ayazma’s largest and best-known beaches. There is a fairly large and sandy beach. regularly made by minibus from the central area of Bozcaada. motorcycle transportation on the island is also quite common. Gone is ready to rent a motor, candidates say the tours overall. The nearest airport is 56 km Bozcaada. Canakkale Airport located at a distance. You have to ride the ferry to reach the island from Geyikli.

4 . Lara Beach – Antalya Turkey


Lara, 18 km from Antalya city center. It ranks away. 2 km. long and 45 meters wide with a coastline Lara consisting of fine sand. Because here is good for fine sand rheumatic diseases, setting up a tent on the beach in summer, you can come across frequently. He was taking sea blue flag of the region for the last four years. The nearest airport is 15 km from Antalya Airport.

5 . Kaputas Beach – Kas – Antalya Turkey


Kaputas beach is in Kalkan and Kas, Kalkan is 7 km away. You can walk down the road to that level here. The beach is sand and gravel. Although troublesome, though reaching here, you will see that it was worth the effort when you go. Turquoise blue sea with waves and foam like to take the beginning of the mind. There will be good for business in the region to take food with you. all have been awarded the blue flag Kalkan Bay. The nearest airport Dalaman Airport.

6 . Ölüdeniz -Fethiye


One of the interesting structures put in Fethiye, Oludeniz. Sea and rocky coast completely. But the impact that the wearing of the magnificent nature, allowing you to ignore this disadvantage often. Swimming in the sea to watch the parachutists your hill is a joy to the people. The nearest airport Dalaman Airport.

7 . Cirali Beach – Antalya Turkey


Wife Cirali Beach in rare quality in the world, home to cute caretta caretta doing. Do not light the riverbed of the depth of the water flowing into the sea, so the hot water will not be deemed to have Çıralı, puts both natural and historic atmosphere. Zeus, the king’s grave to go to the beach, you have to go through the ancient ruins of theater and baths. Once you reach the coast Çıralı made a trip to the Roman period. Here is the sea of light stone and sand. First degree natural protected area of Cirali, blue flag awarded. The nearest airport is Antalya Airport.

8 . Ilica Beach – Cesme Turkey


Fountains 5 km from the thermal baths, a feature not found anywhere else in the world. Ilica hot springs in the sea that has spa water. The name comes from the waterfront here. rheumatism in the water of hot spring, skin diseases, rickets, diseases such as liver and urinary tract is said to have healing properties. The nearest airport is 96 km. Adnan Menderes airport in the distance.

9 . Ovabükü Beach – Marmaris Turkey


Mesudiye is connected to the third bend of the most beautiful villages. Ovabuku the hidden beauty of the Datca peninsula, one of the most superb beaches of the Mediterranean are coming in the first place. The other two put the Hayıtbükü and Palamutbükü. In the neighborhood you can see many beautiful mansions and beautiful garden houses. You can reach here from the nearest Dalaman Airport.

10 . Amos Beach – Marmaris Turkey


Amos Marmaris 24 km. from an ancient city. In Bozburun peninsula, waits for visitors tucked between the two resorts. Pebble beach, well-preserved theater until today, cisterns, there are temples and monuments. Here you can enjoy a journey through both naval history. The nearest airport is 90 km away from Dalaman Airport.

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