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-Turkey Attractions May 16, 2017

Cunda is the largest of the 22 islands in the Ayvalık region of Turkey’s “Balikesir” province and at the same time the settlement is the only island open. The other name of Cunda Island is known as “Ali Bey Island“. The Greek name of the island is known as “Moshoni” meaning “scented island”. In the map of “Piri Reis” known as one of the greatest explorers of the Ottoman period, the name of the island is called “Yund island“.

It was connected to the city center by a bridge built in 1964. Located between Lale Island and Cunda Island, the length of this bridge is approximately 1 km. Other islands in this region, famous for its natural beauties, were declared national parks in 1955 and settlement was forbidden. Cunda Island stone houses located in the Marmara Region of Turkey is famous for its lovers’ hill and fascinating stone architecture. Moreover, “Taksiyaris Church” is among the places you should see in Cunda. In our Cunda Travel guide article we will share with you all aspects of this beautiful island.

Note: Cunda Turkey is located in the Ottoman summer school of the world famous Harvard University. This school is led by famous Turkish professor Gonul Tekin who works in Harvard.

How to get to Cunda Island 

Cunda is the largest of the islands in the Ayvalık region of Turkey’s “Balıkesir” province. The distance to the city center is approximately 8 km. You can see a map taken from google maps showing the location of Cunda Turkey on the map we share with you. In this region, there are two straits called “Dolap ” and “Dalyan “.

You can use IDO (Sea Bus) flights from Cunda Island to Istanbul with your private vehicle. If you are planning to go here in the summer months when the island is busy, we recommend you take your ferry tickets in advance. Bandırma-Cunda takes about three and a half hours. If you want to go to Cunda from Bursa, you need to follow the path of “Bursa-Balikesir-Havran-Edremit“.

For those who want to go to Cunda Turkey by bus, Balikesir flights are available from almost all departure points of the country. After you have reached the center of Balikesir by car, you can go to Cunda island after a journey of approximately two hours by using bus services of the bus company.

Those who want to go to Cunda Island by plane can go to Edremit Airport and prefer Izmir Airport. Special services are available from the airport to the island.

Cunda Turkey Weather

Mediterranean climate is dominant in Cunda Island. For this reason it is quite suitable for summer tourism. The summers are hot and dry, the winters are warm and rainy. In the summer season, “Imbat and Meltem” are under the cool influence of the winds. The average temperature of summer months varies between 24-25 degrees.

Cunda Island Turkey Accommodation Guide

Cunda is one of the best places for those who want a quiet and peaceful holiday. There are quite a few good alternatives to stay in, even though it is not possible to find many five star luxury hotels as if you are at a holiday destination. Oteller is usually concentrated in the center of the island. There are houses of stone made of stone in the island that protect many ancient architecture. These houses have been redesigned by the people of the island as hotels. Staying here can provide a nice stay with the locals in sincerity.

Also Prof. Doctor. The Ottoman language summer school established by Gönül Tekin for Harvard University also provides accommodation for students taking courses here.

Cunda Turkey Places to Visit

Because Cunda is a small island, there are not many places to visit. This island is usually preferred by the sight of quiet, calm and wanting to see the sweet colors of nature. If you are interested in taking pictures, you can take great daylight photos on this island. You can also capture unique landscapes at the same time. You can join boat trips to have a bustling day in Cunda. Boat tours take place between 11:00 – 18:30.

Lovers Hill: One of the places where you can best see the view of Cunda Island. You can see the colorful view of the island against the nature over the hills of Mytilene. When you go to the top of Aşık you can visit the Agios Yannis Church in the island. At the same time there is a historic windmill next to the church.

Taksiyarhis Church: This historic church was built in 1873. It carries traces of the traditional Byzantine architecture of the Greeks. This wonderful church is dedicated to Gabriel and Michael, the guardian angels. Inside the church you can see a remnant that contains the portraits of the prophets of Jonah, Gabriel and Mikail.

Cunda Island, Turkish Cuisine Guide

In Cunda, Turkish cuisine is usually based on seafood. You can also enjoy dishes made with pure and natural olive oil on the island. The Turkish cuisine here is quite healthy. The dishes prepared with delicious fish such as “Sea Bream, Fangiri, Sea Bass, Barbun” are very popular in the island. When you go to the island of Cunda, we recommend you to eat the icecream, which is a characteristic of the island. You can also enjoy other famous dishes of the Aegean region, such as “Bayoz, Ayvalık toast“. Those who want to eat delicious local food in Cunda Island can choose restaurants such as “Taş Kahve, Mr. Nihat Restaurant, Deniz Restaurant, Vino Wine House“.

Festivals you can attend at Cunda

Cunda Music Days: In July
Theater Festival: April-May
Olive Oil Food Festival (in October)

Cunda Emergency Numbers
Emergency Help: 112
Fire and Fire: 110
Police: 155



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