June 5, 2016

In order to guide you, we answered our most frequently asked questions in this area.

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What is the purpose of your site?

We aim to introduce our country and the city of which we live, Istanbul , to the world in the best possible way. We have explained about this issue in more detail about us page.

How can I contact you?

You can contact us using the information on our page.

How do I post content on your site?

Our site aims to share your life experiences in the eyes of our country and our country. For this reason, you can share with us the experience you have experienced in Istanbul or at any point in Turkey. You can learn how to share your content on our Add content page.

What can I learn from your site?

You can provide all sorts of information that you can think of about every point of Turkey and Turks, especially Istanbul, through our site.

Do you accept advertising?

We would like to state that we are open to any ideas to improve our site. You may have received an ad in the viral arena, which is much more efficient than the classic ad concept, by publishing a quality content of your product in the same way as the ads on our site. Likewise, you can use the fixed ad option in accordance with the classic ad concept.

What are the advertising prices?

Prices vary according to the type of advertising desired by each company. For this reason, after you contact us from our contact page, you can get a price quote according to your desired advertisement grade.