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-Turkey Attractions June 8, 2016

Antalya Turkey, is one of the most famous cities in the world of this city around the world. Espicially, for the people who are from the foreign country. They love this city, because it has amazing weather, fascinating natural beauty, so many places for entertainment and long beaches. For instance in the summer season there are so many people this city. Ofcourse you will want come to Antalya, If you think about come to Turkey. So what you can find in Antalya?

Antalya Hotels

Antalya Hotels

Antalya Hotels

If think visit to Antalya and want to enjoy your holiday, we are sure you will need good places for stay. You can find so many Antalya Hotels. But, which one of is good of them, or which one is expensive etc. This questions are cliche about travel. So, this is why we are here; help for you. We made a Antalya Hotel list for you. It is short but, you can find more examples in our Antalya Hotels article.

  1. Voyage Sorgun

http://www.voyagehotel.com official web site of this hotel.

Telefon :+90 242 710 25 00

     Faks :+90 242 715 33 76

    E-Posta :belek@voyagehotel.com

 2. Mardan Palace

http://www.mardanpalace.com is official web site of Mardan Palace

info@mardanpalace.com | reservations@mardanpalace.com

     0090 242 310 41 00

Merkez Özlü Köyü, Tesisler Cad No:450 07110 Aksu, Antalya, Turkey

   3.Azura Deluxe Resort & Spa

http://www.azuradeluxe.com is official web site of Azura Deluxe

Avsallar mahallesi İncekum Caddesi No 76 PK 07410 Alanya Antalya TURKİYE

    Tel: 444 8507


Note: These hotels are just for example, you can find so many good and antalya all inclusive hotels in this city.

Antalya Airport

Antalya airport map

So, when you decide to come Antalya, you need to information of Antalya Aiport. Am I right? We’ll share with you.

FAA Code
Phone+90 242 330 36 00
Fax+90(242) 330 36 48
Time ZoneEurope/Istanbul (GMT +3:00)
Runway 111155 ft
Runway 211155 ft
Runway 39811 ft

Antalya Map

Antalya Map

So, We can be sure, you’ll need Antalya Turkey map. You can find one of them, this part of article. We hope, it will help to you.

And I think, before go to Antalya, you probably want to how is Antalya weather and how is Antalya beach. Don’t worry! We’ll share with you.

You can see Antalya beach in this photo. Antalya beach is one of the most beautiful beach in the world. It has won award also. Sea of Antalya is clean, light blue near the coast and deep blue from far away its cost. When you look the beach sometimes, its looks like endlesss.

And Antalya weather is hot, espicially in summer season very hot. Its available for swimming everytime in the summer season. Maybe you can be cold in the fall season or winter season. But, don’t worry if you come to Antalya in summer.

History of Antalya – Attalia

The plains where Antalya is located have been created by the mountains moving from the coast, at an altitude of 35 m, in the shape of two cliffed flatlands. From the research caried out of Karain Cave, it can be seen that the area has been inhabited since prehistoric times. It known as that tribes who came south from the steppes of Eurassia settled in Antalya in the 3000s B.C.. It was called Ahhiyava in Hititte inscriptions. The region was governed by the Kimmer in the 7th century, and then by the Persians, Macedonians, Pergamon, Romans and Byzantines rule was finally conquered by the Turks in 1207. The name of the city in the Etruscan / Luwian language (known as Turkuas) was Attalia, meaning the city of the Dive God Attala. This name was later constantly used by the all the Turkuas, Etruscan, Luwian, Kas and Hun languages as the title of the king. The name of the city situated in ancient Pamphylia later evolved into Adalia. For a period it was the Teke Sanjak centre within the Karamanoğulları territory. It was tied to the province of Konya in the 19th century, and eventually became a province itself in 1923.

The area where old Antalya is situated is known today as Kaleiçi, which is home to thousands of years of remains, temples, churches, and basilicas; there are 715 houses and 47 monuments from the Seljuk and Ottoman periods. Most of these have been restored and put into the service of tourism. The Golden Apple, the Oscars of Tourism, was presented to to Kaleiçi in 1984.  The most important work of the Roman period in the region is Hadrian’s Gate, which was built in memory of the emperor Hadrian’s visit to the are, A.D. 139. Also known as the Three Gates (Üç Kapılar), the there arched monument consisted of the storeys when first built, and there are 8 Corinthian cloumns resting on pedestals at the front and rear. There are square shaped guard towers on both sides of the gate. At the tip of the west cliffs of Antaya Park, there is the 14m high, two storey Hıdırlık Tower, belonging to the Roman period, which tower is used as a lighthouse. It was also used as a basilica, and its base is square and top round shaped, made from cut stones, and remains of frescoes can be seen on the inner walls. In 1467, the Panagia Basilica from the Byzantine period was converted into a mosque by the Turkish Sultan Korkut, by adding a single balconied minaret. The structure is made of two double- cross-shaped sections, with its arched doors and marble columns, and the embossments on the edges of the doors and windows is noteworthy. The fire in 1896 destroyed the mosque and half of the minaret collapsed. For this reason, today its called the Truncated Minaret. The symbol of the city, the fluted Minaret and Great Mosque Complex was built in 1230 on the ruins of Byzantine church by Sultan Alaeddin. The 45m high minaret was built from asquare stone on this base, and bricks, with its body in the form of 8 grooves, the upper part light blue, decorated with four corner stone mosaics. The base surfaces of the turqoise- colored stones and tiles have the words Allah and Mohammad inscripted on them. He Great Mosque, adjacent to the minaret, has 12 columns and 6 domes covered with tiles. Karatay Madrasa is located next to the mosque and is composed of small cahmbers. Technology, sience, philosophy and psychology courses were tauht at the madrasa. Northwest of the mosque, and built in the 18th century, is a barrel vault supported, square planned,  mevlevihane, with its dome covered by tiles. Tomb of Mehmet Bey, which is octagonally shaped on a square base, with cut stone walls and covered with tiles above, and a cone-shaped, pyramid type roof. To the west, there is a Seljuk Hammam, with was built from rubble, consisting of a square room, and covered with round domes. The Clock Tower at the place known as Kale Kapısı (Castle Gate), is one of the two towers built either side of the gate with the purpose of protecting it. The clock was added later. The eastern facin tower, which remains standing, is 25 m tall and square shaped. The Murat Pasa Mosque built in 1570 by Kuyucu Murat Pasha cantains the most beautiful examples of Seljuk Turkish calligraphy. There are two balconies and a garden fountain. The 16th century Sinan Mosque was commisioned by Sheikh Sinan, with its short minaret consisting of a single balcony, and the mosque built from cut stone. The tomb of the Sheikh Sinan is opposite the mosque. The Tekeli Mehmet Paşa Mosque, behind the Clock Tower at Kalekapısı, dates to the 16th century.

The Balibey Mosque, in the Balibey street in the centre of the city was built by Akın Bey Malkocoğlu Balibey in the 15th century. The Müsellim mosque built by Kapıcıbaşı Mehmet Ağa in 1769 is made of hewn stone. It has a minaret made from the bricks and single balcony on its northwest corner. The mosque is covered by a large dome on 4, 8 and 10-sided large three-tier pulleys. Ahi Yusuf Mosque was built by Ahi Yusuf in 1249 – the foundation is square shaped and the stones used were rubble stones. This small mosque is covered with a bricked round dome.

To the east of the city centre is the 18th century Demirci Karaali Mosque, which has been rebuilt, and a minaret added. It is also called Kır (Rural) Mosque. 50 km from Antalya, on the Beydağları there is a Saklıkent skiing and recreatiion resort. Rafting and canoeing taskes place on the lakes and jeep safaris, hunting and trekking tour on the Toros mountains. Alternatively, there is rock climgbing, ornitologhy, photo-safari, mountain tourisim, angling thalasso and dialysis centres where health tourism is undertaken at the Geyikbarı. There are religious tourism activities at Myra, st. Nicholas and Patara. There are underwater diving sentres on the shore. Yatchting trips are also organised. Today Antalya has reached 7 stars standarts with its unique touristic accommodation facilities, natural beauty and history, and became  a tourism centre of the world. The port of Anltalya is one of the country’s major expoert and import harbours. In the Free Trade Zone in the port there are mainly textiles, metals and agricultural products. On the way to the city airport there are tourist markets were there are jewelry, textiles, carpets and gift shops, as well as festival market places and authentic shops for tourists. In addition, there are many modern Shopping Centres is located in Antalya.

Known For:  Described as the Turkish Riveiera, Antalya is unique with the ancient cities of Olympos, the Taurus Mountains, its canyons, unique beaches, citrus fruits and the most luxurious 5 and 7 star resorts and countless natural beauty, flora and fauna and tourism activities- and is a tourism centre respected throughout th world. Antalya grada fish, marmalade, meat balls and tahini salad are very famous.

Must – See Places of Antalya

Must-see places from Antalya

Karain Cave, located in Yağca Village 30 km away from Antalya shows that it witnessed the

settlement movement starting from Paleolithic period to Prehistoric period.

This cave was used as a worship and sacrifice place in Hellenistic and Roman periods. Finds

gathered in here are exhibited in Antalya Museum and in the small museum in front of the


In Antalya where Seljuk Works are also important, Karatay Madrasah built by Seljuk Vizier

Jalaleddin in Kaleiçi in 1250 is in type of two iwans.

Evdir Han (18 km) near Korkuteli road, Kırgız Han (30 km) on Burdur Road is the 13 th century

Seljuk works bearing rich motives as stone labor.

Antalya Airport 10 km east of the city is open to international air traffic.

Fluted Minaret

This minaret rising as a monument in the city center is the symbol of Antalya. It is the

minaret of the mosque that Seljuk Sultan Alaaddin Keykubad (1219-1238) converted from a


Clock Tower

Clock tower located on Cumhuriyet Street close to fluted minaret, rises on a bastion

belonging to walls surrounding Kaleiçi site. It was built during Abdulhamid II period. Clocks

are placed in four corners of it square body. In the roof which was domed before it was built

there are stil reminding castle loopholes.

Korkut Mosque (Broken Minaret)

This structure was Panaghia Church built in the 5 th century A.D. which was built in 2 nd century


It was converted into a mosque after a minaret added by Prince Korkut, son of Bayezit II. It

was named Broken Minaret after the wooden spire destroyed in a fire in 1896. It hasn’t been

used after a great fire.

Gate of Hadrian (Three Doors)

It is the only surviving structure of Attaleia, a three lanes triumphal arch decorated with

carves and reliefs built in memory of Hadrian who visited the city in 130 A.D.

Bridges are covered with arches, and these arches sit on four legs. Protrusions on each foot

are carried by columns. In this way, there are four columns each in front and behind.

Left one from two towers rising and both sides of the gate is a Roman structure, and the

upper part of the other tower was built by Seljuk Sultan Alaaddin Keykubad.

Antalya Museum

Antalya Museum consists of 13 exhibition halls, children’s section and open-air exhibition.

Finds of Karain Cave where an uninterrupted settlement until Roman period are exhibited in

Natural History Hall and Pre-history Hall.

Düden Waterfalls

Düden waterfall located 12 km North of Antalya, falls from 20 meters in greenery. Fall of the

water can be watched by getting into the cave behind the waterfall. Restaurants and cafes

serve in the region where is converted to promenade Düden stream falls from 40 meters

creating a great view near Karpuzkaldıran Beach on Lara road. Here is called Düden and

Düden 2.

Kurşunlu Waterfall

It is a natural park where plant and animal species live, and located in 22 km east of Antalya.

Water flowing from kurşunlu Waterfall creates a small stream which has a path next to it.

There is also a restaurant where you can eat after a walk with nature. It is a good resting

place to move away from weight of the city.

Do Not Return Without Doing

Do Not Return Without Doing

Do Not Return Without Doing

Food: Diced lamb fried on iron plate, Tandoori Kebab, Shish Meat Balls, Salad, Dessert of the

Arabs, Burn Cream, Jam.

Trips: Ancient cities such as Termessos, Perge and Aspendos around Antalya can be visited.

Entertainment: Konyaaltı and Lara Beaches are the most famous beaches of Antalya. Various

activities can be performed in Beach Park.


Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival, Octaber 1-5. Konyaaltı Carnival and Summer Festival,

the first week of August.






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