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-Attractions December 10, 2016

After being used as a church for 921 years, Hagia Sophia, which was used as a mosque in 481 years, is of great importance for the religions of Islam and Christianity. This unique structure contains many mysteries.


Sweater pole

You will see a marble column on the inside of the last, counting from the left side of the gates of Hagia Sophia. The most important feature of this column is the winter and the summer. Therefore, this column is called the “sweatpipe”. One and a half meters from the bottom of the column is covered with copper plates.

The reason for the superfluity

To put it mildly, when a huge dome of Hagia Sophia was destroyed in an earthquake, 300 priests went to Mecca and took it from the water of Zemzem, mixed it with Mecca land and put it under it as mortar. It is believed that the column thus “sweats”.

According to another rhetoric, the Prophet of Khidr put my finger in the hole in Hagia Sophia and directed the building to Mecca. It is fed with Islamic beliefs.

One of the most valid scientific explanations is that the structure of the column is porous and sucks water from the capillaries through the capillaries. But why only they made this pole from porous stone? This question remains unanswered …

In Hagia Sophia there is a well in the middle of the big hall.

In the past, this well was a place where people with heart disease often come. They came here on an empty stomach on the three Saturday nights, praying in the morning and drinking water.

This tradition continued until the mosque became a museum. There is an iron cover about 50 inches above the throne. When a rod of 7 meters hangs, the bottom can not be reached. The water is still available, the taste is sweet and minerals.

columns of hagia sophia

columns of hagia sophia

What kind of compound the water carries must be examined. As it stood there for centuries, is the spirit broken? Then why is it good for heart disease? That makes you think. Or does it have a characteristic of water? We leave the answers to these questions to the competent institutions of the state.

Scientific world recently announced that a substance contained in chocolate has a hormonal effect. But this effect is seen especially on those who break heart because of love. This means that this substance is affecting the center of extreme sadness in your brain. Hagia Sophia’s healing water does not cause such a characteristic!

If the coffin is touched, Hagia Sophia will be destroyed

There is a coffin on Hagia Sophia’s middle kite gate. Queen Sofia lies in this coffin made of yellow rice. There is only one danger, “Do not touch this coffin” is called. Because the coffin had a lot of hand-lounging-a big noise started and the entire building was starting to rock.

There are some angel paintings on the four sides of the dome. These are Gabriel, Mikail, Israfil and Azrail. These angels were drawn with their wings open. Inaccurately, Azrail tells about the deaths of emperors, Michael’s enemy attacks, and Gabriel and Israfil.

The believers are establishing a relationship between the coffin and these angels … The angels who undertook the protection of the tablets did not allow it to be touched.

hagia sophia

Mysterious doors

On the south side of Hagia Sophia there is a door woven at the end of a narrow and narrow corridor. This is called the “door that can not be opened”. According to the accounts, Fatih Sultan Mehmet prayed in front of this door with the Greek Orthodox Patriarch when he entered Istanbul . When the Ottoman army entered the church, the Patriarch escaped from this gate and disappeared, and the door did not open again.

Every Eastery has “red egg shells” in front of this door … There is also a “Non-Covered Door” miti. On the Day of Conquest, one of Fatih’s army hit this door with such a stroke that the door was buried and never opened again …

Talon engagement

There is a sign that looks like a hand at a height of 6 meters on one side of the elephant’s foot holding the dome on the south east of the building. According to what has been described, the day of conquest, the Sultan of Fatih Sultan Mehmet was aroused, and the Sultan was gripped by this belt. The horse, however, damaged the column. There is nothing here. But if the claw track is 6 meters high from the ground and it is thought that no horse can reach this height, the trail of the event emerges at once.

Other Secrets and Legends

Avarlar receives Hagia Sophia’s gold

Avarls surround Rome in 575, and Pope Benedictus rescued himself by giving ransom. But Avarlar, between 614-619 this time surrounds Istanbul. Patriarch Sergius, the sacred in Hagia Sophia, but what is gold, melts and converts the money to Avarlar’a. Avarlar, taking a number of Byzantine women to lift the siege.

hagia sophia priest

hagia sophia priest

Orthodox Catholics leave in Hagia Sophia

In 1054 Cardinal Humbold, the representative of the pope, describes the fatwa that the Pope excommunicated the patriarch during the ritual of the patriarch. The ritual is broken, and there is turmoil. Thus, the Orthodox and Catholic Church are separated from one another by default. Separation lasts 911 years. In 1967, 6th Paul comes to Istanbul and ends his impatience.

The Holy Relics of Christians are being played

In 1204, when the Crusaders were looting Istanbul, they sacrificed everything in Hagia Sophia. Last year, the Vatican gestured back some of the sacred relics.

The Prophet in Deisis Mosaic. Not Jesus

jusus mosaic from hagia sophia

jusus mosaic from hagia sophia

In 1264, Istanbul is being rescued from the hands of the Crusaders. After that, Deisis Mosaic is built in Hagia Sophia. According to US researcher Roberto Solarion, the figure of Jesus in this mosaic is not really Jesus but Apollo with Kemerhis (Tyana). (As you might recall, Tempo announced in January 2005 that Aytunç Altindal had prepared a book on this subject, which was put on the market in April.) This is the scar on the right eyebrow of the mosaic Jesus figurine. The track is pointing to number 11.

This trail is also found in Apollon, the Pythagorean sect. The reason why the figure belongs to Apollon is that the pagans are forcibly Christianized in Anatolia, while Apollon’s paintings are made as if they seem to have done the picture.

Deisis is not Mother Mary in the mosaic

christian symbol from hagia sophia

christian symbol from hagia sophia

The Mary figure in the mosaic has extended his hands toward Jesus. However, in the paintings made according to the Christian sharia, Mary must have the Bible or Jesus in his hands. Therefore, Mary in this figure is not ‘Mother’ but also Mother Mary, also known as Mother Mary. It belongs to the woman who is supposed to be the wife of Jesus.

The Holy Grail is actually the Hagia Sophia

The Holy Grail is actually the Prophet. It is not the intrinsic part of Jesus, but the ‘feminine principle’. The name of this principle is ‘Sofia’. In other words, the Holy Grail itself is Hagia Sophia, according to the belief of Christianity, all the churches are made by taking a sample of the womb. The most holy of these is the ‘Holy Grail’ in Hagia Sophia.

The first secret organization of Byzantium is founded in Hagia Sophia

A philosopher named Mikail Cellius is building the first secret organization of the Byzantine in Hagia Sophia’s cellars. The same cellars are also the place where the translations of Picatriks, the secret book of Gnostic Christians, were made.

The first flat cross is used in Hagia Sophia

In the period of the Emperor Justinian, the Christians left the form called the Akhineton Cross, and cross the flat cross. This is also used for the first time in Hagia Sophia.

Meaning of the Cross

The cross on which St. Andre was executed is cross-shaped. In the memory of St. Andre, the founder of the church in Istanbul, the motif of the cross cross motif is processed.

Dandolo picks up Istanbul and dies

Henricus Dandolo, the Latin commander, has to take Istanbul on the call of the Pope. The threat of the Byzantines is quite interesting: if you take this city, you will die. Dandolo gets the city and he’s dying. The grave is still in Hagia Sophia.

Hagia Sophia never belonged to the church

Hagia Sophia is not the property of the church. Because the place is considered to belong to the emperor. Therefore, in 1453, Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror pays the value of Hagia Sophia on his own with a foundation. Later, it continues to be the property of the sultans.

Hermetic symbols in Hagia Sophia

Four fish: The four fish symbols on the back are actually four Gospel references. Fish means faith. This represents the unified faith in Jesus.


This figure would mean the universe if it were round. However, baklava motif means the earth. There is a cross in the center of the earth, and Jesus in the center of the cross.

Mantra and octagonal star

The eight-rose rose actually represents the mantra. The eight-pointed star around it indicates eight corners of the universe. These are mainly paganic symbols.

Explanation of Mosaics

Hagia Sophia Museum Mosaic

Hagia Sophia Museum Mosaic

Mosaic in the Apsis Half Dome:

Mary, sitting on the golden floor and decorated with precious stones in the middle, was depicted with Jesus on her lap. Mary’s dark navy blue, plain and all-over garment is a contrast to the golden background that surrounds it.

Southern Gallery Deisis Mosaic:

Among the mosaics of Hagia Sophia are undoubtedly the most famous Deisis composition. Deisis, the Day of Resurrection, is the desire of Mary and Loannes Prodromos for helping mankind. In the middle of the triple composition that brings the center of the Judgment Composition to the center, there is a big Jesus axis. The second person of the trio is Mary. On the other hand there is John the Baptist.

The Empress Zoe Mozai in the South Gallery:

In the middle, the Pantocrator (the master of the universe) holds the Holy Book, which is the skin with the right hand and the skin embellished with the left hand. One side of Jesus is the Empress Zoe, and on the other side is Zoe’s third husband, Constantinos Monomakhos. As the empress Zoe, whose reputation in the history of Byzantium and his marriages changed, changed the writing of the emperor head and name on the mosaic. Constantine’s head and the inscription on it were scratched and repainted. The original mosaic belonged to Zoe’s first husband. This panoply symbolizes the gratitude and gratitude to the church of the Imperial family.

Komnenos Family Mosaic in South Gallery:

He depicts Emperor Komnenos II and his wife Hungarian Empress Irene and his sons Alexios. In the middle there is Mary standing in his lap with Jesus. The emperor and the empress wore ceremonial dresses adorned with precious stones, a monetary unit in the hands of the emperor, and a roll in the empress. Presented rolls are donated to the church, while leather pouches indicate gold aid. Race characteristics of the Hungarian emperor; Clear skin and light hair color are evident.

Mosaic Over South-West Entrance:

Sit on a golden throne on a magnificent throne in the middle when the Virgin Mary in dark blue dress is portrayed. The shortened letters on both sides of the head are the abbreviated symbol of the words “Mother God”. Mary carries the edges under her feet on a pedestal adorned with precious stones. The upper surface of this plateau is covered with silver mosaics.

In contrast to the abundance of gold mosaics in Byzantine art, silver mosaics are extremely rare. Jesus, sitting in the lap of Mary, has an expression of an adult, a wise person. This shows that he is a mystical being close to God.

One of the emperor figures on both sides is the great Constantine, the founder of Istanbul, and a model symbol of his model. It is easy to understand that Byzantion is Istanbul as well as the city where the city walls are surrounded. Justinyen was the one who presented the Hagia Sophia.

Mosaic on the Emperor’s Gate:

This mosaic panel was made at the end of the 9th century. Pantocrator Jesus, sitting on a throne decorated with highly ornate stones and pearls, prints on a pedestal. He holds a book with his left hand open on the set. In the case of prostration in front of Jesus’ feet, the emperor is seen to be in favor of the sixth Leon. Mary was depicted in one of the medallions on either side. On the other hand, the chief angel Gabriel was described as the guardian of lilisen.

Have you ever visited Hagia Sophia before? You can share your ideas about this magnificent museum with us in the comments area



Helene Karageorgos October 6, 2018


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