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ISTANBUL July 9, 2017

You can find information to help you during your visits to the city within the Istanbul Turkey Guide article. Byzantine, Constantine and Istanbul these three names symbolize the incredible history of the city.

Istanbul is one of the most rare cities in the world that has been subject to songs, poems, novels. A bridge connecting Asian and European continents, which is unlike any other in the world, is a city. Inside Istanbul you can find churches, mosques, palaces, fountains, temples, islands and many other things. Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Grand Bazaar, Basica Cistern, Galata Tower are the best examples. Very few cities in the world are as special as Istanbul, and exploring the city is so exciting. Istanbul Turkey has been ruled by the emperor for 120 kayser and dozens during its history. Almost all of these historic people have left their cultural heritage for the city. City, Istanbul As we mentioned in our Türiye guide article, we have hosted three great civilizations, namely Byzantine, Constantine and Ottoman. This city offers unforgettable memories in its memories with its many natural features, monuments, tombs, historical buildings, streets, night life, historic people, mosque minarets extending to the sky, Hagi Sophia museum, Basilica Cistern, Galata Tower, Blue Mosque and many other features. It is similar to a bridge connecting Asia and Europe, so we think everyone should see the unique view of the Bosphorus. The city is invaluable when the beauty of Istanbul’s unique natural beauty, as well as the beauty of the incredible works from the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires are added. Most of these works can be seen in the historical peninsula of Istanbul. For those who wish to visit our country, you can read our Istanbul peninsula (hippodrome) article here.

Istanbul is Turkey’s largest and most developed city. Besides, the city, with its population of 15 million, is one of the most valuable cities of Turkey and the world. It is possible to see people from different ethnic groups in the city, which is why it is known as a cosmopolitan city. There are thousands more unknown features of the city we are trying to tell you in Istanbul Turkey guide book very shortly. By walking around our site, you can reach all of Istanbul’s top hotels, restaurants, places to visit and more.

We would like to give you an information in Istanbul Turkey guide for your convenience during your city visit. Istanbul is a very big city. If you only intend to make a one-day visit, this may be quite inefficient for you. Within a day you can only visit certain parts of the city. We encourage you to read our Istanbul, Istanbul guide (part 1) and Istanbul guide (part 2) articles in order to get to know the city more closely, to discover the natural beauties of green and blue, and to find out where to look absolutely.

Istanbul Weather

If you are visiting a country or a city, the climate and weather conditions are very important for you. We do not consider to describe the city’s weather conditions in detail in our Istanbul Turkey guide. We have touched on this topic in our Istanbul textbook, which we published earlier. You can read articles on our site, and if you have a specific question in mind, you can ask us in the comments section.

To put it briefly, Istanbul is located in the Marmara region of Turkey. For this reason, both the Black Sea climate and temperate climate features are seen. In parts of the city that are coastal to the Black Sea, the weather is often rainy and colder in winter. However, the weather is generally warm in the parts of the city that are coasted to the Sea of ​​Marmara. For Istanbul, the temperature varies from 25 to 30 degrees in summer. However, this year, it is observed that the temperature of the air has risen excessively in 2017. In the winter months, the temperature in the city is considered lukewarm to the north of the world. The coldest aob temperature – falls to 45 degrees. As a guide living in Istanbul I would recommend you to visit the city in spring and summer. In fact, the city has a unique view of every period of the year but it will be much easier and more fun to pass from Istanbul to other resorts in Turkey – such as Antalya, Alanya Turkey, Bursa Turkey, Bodrum Turkey.

Istanbul Turkey Accommodation Guide

Finding and booking good quality and nice hotels is a very important activity for people traveling. Istanbul is one of the most colorful cities in the world with a population of 15 million cosmopolitan buildings and many visitors are welcomed during the year. For this reason, we thought that we would like to share your accommodation in the city during the Istanbul Turkey guide preparation phase. Istanbul Turkey You can make an agreement with many different places to book. However, we recommend that you do not make reservations via booking.com for your travels from abroad. On this count, you can stay in suitable quality well-priced hotels. We can choose the hotel according to your requests.

There are many hotel options in Istanbul. You can stay in the hotels near the city center, if you prefer you can choose luxury hotels far away from the city center. You can stay in boutique hotels, providing quality service for short stays. Istanbul If you need to stay close to Europe, you can see and book the best hotels in this part of the city from here. If you need to stay close to Istanbul in Asia for your business trip, you can book the best hotels in this region here. You can make reservations to the center of Istanbul Turkey for a place that has a really beautiful view in Istanbul and you can easily reach the entertainment centers and the places to visit the city at the same time. You can book the best hotels near Istanbul Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Basilica Cistern, Eminönü, Gulhane Park, Tapkapi Palace and you can book here. You can reach the best hotels in Taksim area, which is considered the heart of night life in Istanbul.

Istanbul Turkey Nightlife

Istanbul, Rome , Paris , London , New York is one of the world’s dense and colorful cities. Throughout the year the night life is quite active and you can easily find nightclubs serving different tastes. Especially in the cities of Taksim, Nişantaşı, Bebek, Kadikoy and Ortaköy, the night clubs are quite crowded and the fun goes on until sabahat.

Many local and foreign theater, cinema festivals and concerts are held in Istanbul at the same time. You can easily reach all of these cultural events in the city. In the city, you can have fun at the fun center like “Anjelique, Zelda Zonk, Al Jamal, Chilai Bebek, Reina“.

Istanbul Turkish Cuisine in Turkey

Like we said before, the city is the most developed region of the country. You can find many restaurants in this city. You will have the chance to eat the most precious tastes of Turkish cuisine at Istanbul Turkish restaurants. Döner, Turkish kebab, İskender, turkish delight, Turkish coffee and many other great flavors are waiting for you. If you want special recommendations for these, you can contact us in the comments field. When you visit Istanbul Turkey, never come back without tasting such delights as Turkish kebab, Kuyu kebabı, pancake, lahmacun, Turkish coffee.



Shann August 15, 2017

Hi there Sir/Mdm
Firstly Thank you for your wonderful infos abt Turkey. Me and my friends fall in love with Istanbul and would like to travel there. We would like to know more on the season will it be if we are travelling on Apr end? And what kind of events/festivals will be happening around that time. Would love to hear from you soon.

admin August 15, 2017

Hi Shann,

Thank you for your kindness and thanks for your comment. You and your friends have a great time during your holiday. Istanbul is a vibrant and entertaining city in every period of the year.
IF! Istanbul Independent Film Festival (22 – 24 February)
Istanbul International Opera Festival
Rock’n Coke
International Crime and Punishment Film Festival
EksiFest (You can find lots of intellectual people who speak English.)
Istanbul Music Festival
October Special Film Festival (Filmekimi)
One Love Festival

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