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What do you know about the historical heritage of Istanbul , the historical and cultural heritage of Istanbul, the cities that attract the most tourists in history? Let’s go on a journey to the unknown of Istanbul.

Istanbul is a historic city hosted by 3 empires, and it does not stop from visiting the historical monuments in it. Have you once reached the mystery of the historical buildings and places we have not noticed in Istanbul many times before? When passing, you can not separate your eyes from the work. We are on your way to the unknown of Istanbul.

1 Milyon Taşı (Million Stone)


Million Stone, which has been passed at least once in front of tourists in Sultanahmet, is an important historical heritage that has lived with Istanbul and witnessed the history of Istanbul.

The Million Stone, a monument dating from the Roman period in the 4th century, is considered to be the starting point for all ancient Roman roads reaching the city of Constantinople in the Byzantine Empire and the zero point used to calculate the distance of this city from other cities around the world. The historical column in Sultanamet is located on the tramway road near Yerabatan Cistern.
When the Million Stone was first built, it consisted of a door looking in four directions and a dome resting on four pillars rising above the intersections at this point. Tetrapylon architectural name, these structures were one of the important items of Roman culture. There were many Byzantine sculptures and reliefs on the millions of monuments and kubes, and this monument was greatly enlarged.

2 . Çiçek Pasajı (Flower Passage)


The most magnificent art center in Taksim is today’s Flower Passage!

Did you know that Flower Passage, famous for its bowls today, is Naum Theater once upon a time?
Naum Theater, which was the end of the great Beyoglu fire, was carrying both art house and passage quality at that time. The flow was taken by one of the wealthiest people, Hristaki Zografos Efendi, and the Flower Passage, which was built in the name of Cité de Péra as a new type bazaar building in Rum Cleanthy Zanno`nun architecture, had been opened for both Istiklal Street and Theater Street. 24 shop, 18 luxury deluxe architectural building Maison Parret and Vallaury’s patisserie, Nakumara’s Japanese shop, Dulas’ natural flower shop, Schumacher’s famous oven with pastries, Yorgo’s brewery, Keserciyan’s tezihanesi, Acemyan’s The tobacconist’s shop, the café of Hristo.

3 . German Fountain


Mosques decorated fountain of Istanbul German Fountain!

The German Fountain in Istanbul’s Sultanahmet district is the gift of the German Emperor II.Wilhelm to Istanbul. The inside of the fountain, designed in the Neo-Byzantine style, is decorated with mosaics. The fountain prepared in Germany is based on these bases. Marbles and precious stones were processed in Germany and brought to Istanbul by ship in pieces.

4 . The Church of the Month One


The Church of the One Believer who believes your wishes are true!

Every month one of the moon Biri Church opens its doors to those wishing to fulfill their wishes. It is the place where not only Christians but also Muslims wish to have their wishes come true. The real name of the church in the Unkapanı district, which is known as the Church of the Month by the people, is the Virgin Mary Church.

5 . The Egyptian Bazaar


The oldest covered bazaar in Istanbul is the Egyptian Bazaar …

One of Istanbul’s oldest covered bazaars, the Egyptian Bazaar is famous for its bazaars. The most interesting historical building after the Grand Bazaar was built by Turhan Sultan in 1660. According to a custom, a market called Macro Envalos is said to be in the same place during the Byzantine time for the Egyptian Bazaar.
The bazaar, which is closed on Sundays, is located beside the Flower Market behind Eminönü and Yeni Camii. On the street; As well as traditional products such as natural medicines, spices, flower seeds, rare plant roots and shells; Dried fruits, delicatessen products, various foods are sold.

6 . Cağaloğlu Turkish bath


Cağaloğlu Hamam, which is the historical hamam that every Istanbul people should go and see

Cağaloğlu Bath is the biggest double bath in İstanbul. In the Baroque style, the cold and hot sections of the bath made during the I.Mahmut period were designed with different characteristics from the classical Ottoman architecture. This hamam, which has been the home of many important sultans and patriarchs in the belly stone, witnessing centuries of being the last bath to be built before 1768, which allowed the building to be a major architectural structure, with its small, large dome and large belly stone.

8 . Aydos Hill


Aydos Hill, Istanbul’s hidden beauty at the highest point of Istanbul

Istanbul’s hidden beauty, Aydos Hill (Mountain), located at the highest point of Istanbul, takes its name from the time of the Roman and Byzantine eras. According to a custom, the god of agriculture came from Damatrys. Aydos Tepesi is located in the district of Sultanbeyli and has the first snowfall of the region. There is also a jogging track on the hill where you can watch the sunset against the spectacular scenery.


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