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-Turkey Attractions November 29, 2016


You can plan your visit to this region without difficulty thanks to this Turkey Izmir Foça travel guide we have prepared. How and with which hotels can you book in Foça? What are the most beautiful beaches of Foça? You can find all of these in our Izmir Foça guide.

A cute Aegean town Foça, located 1 hour away from the center of Izmir and further north … The mythological city Foça, also mentioned in the Homeric Destiny, is the symbol and cock. It is also called Phokaia. It is almost like an ancient fishing village with the peacefulness of the stone houses, the whiskers of the sea, the unspoiled nature. For a first-time visitor, it is definitely a holiday destination that will leave you with the impression that “I have in my mind”. If you run this famous “karataş” anyway, you are coming back. But where is it, nobody knows. So let’s take this little town out of the way and let’s go to the dreams of a Foça vacation. If you do not wish you will go to this lovely town as soon as possible.

How to get to Foça?

If you come from İzmir center, it is very simple, only 1 hour distance from İzmir Foça by your vehicle, now we have smart applications such as yandex, swarm. Immediately draw the route and get here from the most convenient road. In the meantime, there is a half-hour distance between İzmir Old Foça and Yeni Foça.

Foça Booking Recommendation

In fact, it is entirely up to you; I want to wake up in the morning by the sea. Along this bay there are small, big, villa houses. Oh no, I should stay in the old part of the city, but again it is an alternative too. If you are coming in summer, staying in the bay is more reasonable, after breakfast you can relax and cool off by entering the crystal clear sea.

Izmir Foca Beach


It is divided into Old and New foos. The calm is a beautiful place, the sea is cold, the place is chestnut but it is immaculate, there are also bears living areas here, you can go to beaches or private beaches that your municipality cares for because of the chestnuts or you can pay attention. 🙂 In the evenings, the porcelain, when you go go get something to wear in the evening. Stone houses and castles are very beautiful. It takes its name from its name in antiquity. When you go, do not forget to visit the famous ice cream shop. Transportation to Foça is very easy. After you have settled in the monument to Aliağa, there are signs on the name of the stations indicating the Old and New Foça passages. According to them, you can go down and you can reach Foça center from the transfer center.

Places to visit in Izmir Foça

1. Mersinaki Bay: There are beaches of special facilities in the cove between Old Foça and Yeni Foça. Hanedan Resort, the beach where our team of tourists stayed; The sea of Foça is quite cold but it is cleaner than other beaches and you can see the sea bottom. We would recommend this place to those who want to swim. You can also stay here at the Hanedan Flora Villas. It offers clean and spacious rooms with a service outside the boring hotel system. Other beaches you can visit in this bay are Mackerel and Polen Holiday Villages and other places like Mambo Beach Club and Acar Camping. If you are looking for accommodation, it’s up to you to do some research and decide for yourself.

2. Old Foça: Of course you should also go to Old Foça when you come to Foça. You can experience great experiences with historical stone houses, fish restaurants, ancient turnings. Come on, let’s go out together!

2.1. Siren Rocks: The rocks of the Orak Island are the largest of these rocks, consisting of islet-like rocks. In the Homeric epic, these rocks are referred to as “the rocks where the ships that are struck by their path are struck”. You can see here on the daily boat tour, watching the sunset from the higher hills. Absolutely come here; Swimming is forbidden here because it is the habitat of the seals and is protected.

2.2. Kybele Open Air Temple: It is also possible to see rocky carved niches in the temple, dating back to 580 BC, with 2600 years of griffon and horse sculptures. 5 Come to Kibele, the goddess of fertility, which is slightly ahead of the doors.

2.3. Fortress of Five Doors: When you see the ancient castle, you will see 5 doors right in front of the wall. You will soon realize that this is the 5-Gate castle. When you walk in, a small antique theater will strike you. It is currently being used as an outdoor theater, hosting exhibitions, events such as festivals. When we go, for example, we come to a painting exhibition. If we come to history, this was made in 1275 by the Genoese. So it’s pretty old.

Old foca castle

Old foca castle

2.4. Outer Castle: You can reach the southwest by following the coastline. The view from a distance is also great. The castle in the nose of the castle was built by the Ottomans in 1678 to protect the region.

2.5. Fatih Mosque: The mosque, which was built between the old stone houses, was built in 1455 and the history is very old. It was built by Fatih Sultan Mehmet. You can think of it as a stone house at first glance.

2.6. Kayalar Mosque: The Five Gates on the Beach It is a window that you can find by going uphill after you have left Castle. There is no big impact from the outside, obviously; The view is very beautiful. It is not known by whom and when it is done.

2.7. Old Foça Teacher’s House: Now you can visit the teacher’s house on the coast, where restoration work is continuing.

3. Persian Tombs: It was built as a monument for the Persian commanders and was later used as a grave, a watchpoint and a stopover place. The center is 7 km away.

4.Foce Fener: You can see the Foça Sea Lighthouse here, you can see the magnificent sea mantle here.

5. Ottoman Cemetery: The cemetery dating from the reign of Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror is still being used today. If you are interested in making the old history, please listen here. Predict how old you are, in a lot of tombstones that have entered into the soil.

6.Foam Satan Baths: It is a rock tomb type located at the edge of Can Dede Tepesi. You need to get away from the center and climb to the top, about 2 km away.

7. The Famous Crete Gourmet Ice Cream Nazmi Usta: Do not turn here without eating gummy frozen and other varieties. It has a delicious freeze and texture. At which time you go there is a crowded and strange tail at the beginning. “Gebelere, bebelere queue is not waiting” is also very nice! It costs 3 TL per ball, but it’s worth it.

8. Kozbeyli Village: The village with 700 years of history was founded by the Ottomans and then became a mixed family with the participation of the Greeks. The name of the founder was Kozbeyli because it was a Kuzubey. When you come here, you can visit old stone streets and stone houses, go up to the top and watch the spectacular sea view from the courtyard of the mosque located here, visit the Kuzubeyi tower right next to you, and have a dip in the place of Şakir, tea and herb pancakes. The observation is spectacular, with organic tomatoes and peppers as well. Just as eating is next to the yacht. Coconut tree house can also be a nice breakfast alternative.

9. Boat Tour – Foça Islands: You can explore these islands more closely by boat tour in Foça, where islands such as Orak Island, Fig Island, Fener Island, Bad Island, and Metallic Island are located. The islands and surrounding villages also have preliminaries as they are home to one of the last Mediterranean smell colonies in Turkey.

10. Foça Stone Houses: The Foça Houses are traditionally adjoining flat tower houses, scattered singly or collectively. The tower is called the house because its height is more than the width of the facade. If it is the only type of house, it is a stacked stone structure without any plaster.

What you absolutely need to do in Foça

Without doing the boat tour and seeing the Siren Rocks,
Foça on the beach – your choice of 5 doors in front of the castle – without sinking the day,
Without sinking the sun from a hill above the siren rocks,
Without visiting the ancient city of Foça (the things we have mentioned above),
In the Kavala cafe Before you sink your day into the Old City of Antiquity while sipping chicken or beer,
Without leaving the village of Kozbeyli and stopping at Şakir’s place,
While Nazmi Usta did not eat gummy ice cream,
Saka Fish House fresh fish and knife without using a fresh and organic salad prepared without eating,
Do not come back to Mersinaki Bay.

Practical Suggestions

It is enough to separate Foça for 2 days.
Split your day for 1 day, it will be very practical to stay in Mersinaki bay. On the 2nd day you can also escape the plaja early in the morning.
Discover the ancient Foça on foot and come to the 5 Doors at the end of the day to watch the sunset from there.
Go to other places with the car so do not waste time.

Did you like our sightseeing guide? What do you think we can add to this tabernacle? You can contribute to us with your comments.




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