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June 6, 2016

Rules of Use is a website providing content about Istanbul , Turkey and Turks.

Links on site

The links in are placed by us. Since it is not possible to control all the links that are placed, responsibility is entirely the responsibility of the site owners. Likewise, clicking on links on our homepage is entirely our responsibility.

Content Usage

Obtaining visual and written content produced by you is by no means legal. If this situation is encountered, necessary actions will be started. If you wish to receive any content from our site, you must link to our site by specifying the quoted content here.

* Text content can not be changed on demand,
* If the text content is to be used in a printed source, should be cited.
* If the text content is to be used in the internet environment, link should be given and my site should be sourced.

Legal proceedings will be applied if these conditions are not followed.

Privacy Policy

All web sites record simple information about visitors. This information includes, but is not limited to, reference pages, browser information, time information, and IP addresses. This information does not personally place any visitors in the position of certain persons. This information is recorded for routine administration and maintenance purposes.

Cookies and Web Pointers

When necessary, the stores user settings and web history information using cookies to provide user-specific content and / or better service to the user when necessary.

In addition, advertising partners and third-party apps may record user information through cookies, web beacons, or scripts to provide useful information and display ads. In this case, the advertising services and third party applications retain their user information on their own servers and their privacy policy applies.

Privacy Control

Please note that if you have any doubts about user information collection, you have the option of disabling cookies from the browser settings. While doing so, we do not recommend that you cancel cookies for all sites, as it may create information confusion in some of the sites you use. We recommend that you make site-specific adjustments. You can search your browser documentation for information on how to prevent cookies from being specific to your site. You can also get useful information by looking at the privacy management lists of web browsers.

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