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TURKEY April 17, 2017

Rize Turkey is one of the oldest settlements in the Black Sea region of the country. As a result of recent population censuses, the population of the city was recorded as approximately 390 thousand. In our Rize Turkey travel guide article, we will talk about this hidden city of paradise in our country. The Black Sea is known throughout the country for its untouched natural beauties and forests all over the world at the same time. Rize city is one of the cities that best reflect these characteristics.


The city is famous as the most Turkish tea producing place of Turkey. This is due to the fact that this region is Turkey’s most rain-fed region. The most important producing material of Rize is native black tea plant. At the same time, fishing in coastal areas is an important economic activity. The fish species special to the Black Sea can be hunted easily in Rize. The city’s oxygen level is quite high. We would recommend visiting Turkey to this city to breathe clean air. Rize forests, which receive abundant rainfall, are greenish and fresh in every season. It is one of the places that must be watched, especially if you are curious about nature walks and extreme sports.

Note: Where is Rize located? This is one of the most important issues for those who wish to visit this city. Rize is located in the Eastern Black Sea region of Turkey, between Artvin and Trabzon. The city is surrounded by the Kaçkar Mountains which is one of the most important mountain series of Turkey. To the south of the city lies Erzurum, and to the north is the Black Sea, famous for its hustle and bustle.

coast view of rize turkey

Best Time to Go to Rize

When is the best time to go to the city of Rize? The weather of Rize reflects the characteristics of the Black Sea climate. For this reason, every period of the year is known as a city that receives considerable rainfall. The average temperature of the city is 14 degrees. Looking at the average temperature in the year, the hottest month in Rize is July. The lowest temperature during the year is -7 degrees. Fall season is not very suitable to go to the city. Because there is heavy rain almost every day in this season. We do not recommend you to visit Rize in this season, especially if you do not like it in rainy weather.

A city map showing Rize’s location in Turkey’s borders. It is located in the south of Erzurum, on both sides Artvin and Trabzon.

How to get Rize?

There are quite a lot of transportation types to go to this city. You can easily go to Rize by using the road. If you rent a car from the car hire services within the country you can reach it easily by road. In addition, there are many bus companies that go to the city organized for this city. If you want to reach the city in a shorter and effortless way, you can fly from Istanbul to Trabzon by plane, then you can transfer to Rize by bus from Trabzon. Unfortunately for now, it is not possible to go to the city by train.

The distances from the important cities of Turkey to Rize are as follows:

Istanbul to Rize: 1158 km
Ankara to Rize: 840 km
Trabzon to Rize: 70 km
Antalya to Rize: 1312 km

Note: In Rize city transportation is usually provided by buses and minibuses. You can also reach the desired city within the city by means of taxis who have adopted 7/24 working principles. Turkey We recommend renting a car in order to make it easy for those who visit Rize to move in this city. You can enjoy the beauty of the city by spending as much time as you want.

Rize is one of the famous rivers with its raucous waters that you can raft on.

Rize Turkey Accommodation Guide

To accommodate in Rize, it is generally preferred to stay close to the city center, to touristic areas or to the plains which are intertwined with nature. Since the natural beauty of the city of Rize has recently come to the forefront, it has become important to stay on the plateau. For this reason, boutique hotels that provide a good service around the highlands are opened. We would like to give you a small accommodation recommendation here. The people of the Black Sea, the city of Rize, are known for their intimate personalities. If you do some research, you can get rid of the hotel expenses and stay in the highlands with the locals. Even if you meet an intimate family, they may not charge for accommodation.

Another option that has recently become popular for accommodation in Rize is to restore old houses and use them as hotels. Traditional houses are renovated without deteriorating the originality, and authentic and natural accommodation centers are obtained. Especially in the city you can find accommodation that offers quality accommodation suitable for your budget which has increased considerably in recent times.

Those who are looking for a hotel close to the city center to accommodate in Rize can consider options such as “Green Hotel, Kales Hotel, CMR Aydıgan Hotel“. Those who are looking for a hotel in this Black Sea city, which has a natural beauty and are in the forefront of the city, can provide a good quality fiyata service and can evaluate “Kales Hotel, Dedeman Rize Hotel, Green Hotel“.

Places to Visit in Rize

We prepared a list of places to visit in Rize to make a good Rize Turkey Travel Guide for our visitors. Places to visit in Rize; Oxygen, waterfalls, springs, historic landmarks, green forests. Each of the listed areas is admirable with its incredible natural beauty. For this reason, we can call nature the heart of this city. List of places to visit in Rize, the heart of nature …

The famous Rize Castle in Rize and remaining from the Byzantine Empire

Rize Castle: The exact date of the castle is still unknown today. Located in our list of places to visit in Rize, this castle is located on the south-west of the city center. There are two different parts of the castle, the Inner Castle and the Lower Castle. The architectural structure of these two chapels reveals the traces of the Byzantine Empire.

The Senyuva bridge, believed to have enchanted people with natural beauty

Senyuva Bridge

Another point on the list of places to visit in Rize is the Şenyuva Bridge. This bridge has more than one name. In the past, the name “Cinciva Bridge” was used for the bridge. According to a local legend, there is a fascinating view of the bridge. When you look carefully, it is sometimes believed that people watch the time by focusing on the image of the river flowing under them. There is also a cemetery near the bridge, famous for its artistic tombstones.

The Mikron Bridge, which dates back to the 19th century and is almost 30 meters long …

Mikron Bridge

One of the famous bridges of the city is the Mikron Bridge. The past of the bridge dates back to the 19th century. The Micron Bridge is about 30 meters long. When you make a list of places to visit in Rize, you can often come across such bridges. The reason for this is the presence of forested areas, steep slopes and rivers which are difficult to cross in the city.

Ayder Plateau is one of the places to visit Rize city which is famous for its medicinal spa and unspoilt natural beauty.

Ayder Plateau

The places to visit in Rize, Ayder Plateau is one of the most important stops of our list. Would you like to meet a green paradise built on earth? Would you like to shoot the green forest air with plenty of oxygen on the one hand while the sky face of the sunlight breaking in the huge rain drips watched the 7 rennet colors? The Ayder plateau may be one of the most beautiful spots in the world. With untouched rare nature, people have attracted considerable attention in recent times. The plateau is located in the Çamlıhemşin region of Rize. Its natural beauties are also famous with its healthful hot springs as famous. Those who complain especially about rheumatic diseases and joint aches may be treated in Ayder Plateau’s healing spas.

Rize One of the very famous local delicacies within the borders of Turkey is called “Anchovy pan (Hamsi Tava)”.

Rize’s Turkish Cuisine

What you can eat in Rize. What are the local flavors when you eat this beautiful city? Turkey’s Black Sea region is known for its special dishes of each distinct point. In the Black Sea, vegetarian delicacies are the front plan. The use rate in meat dishes is lower than in other regions. Especially in Rize city, many different kinds of food are made from vegetables. When you come to Rize, we definitely recommend you to eat the unique pickles of this city. At the same time, dishes made from small-sized fish called “anchovies” are quite common throughout the city. We recommend you not to leave this city without eating anchovies. In addition, there is a special honey species produced in Rize. This honey is known all over the world as “Anzer“. The high price is sold with the reason that it is very rare. You can taste this natural bean locally.

Festivals in Rize

What activities can you attend at Rize? The sincere and excited people of the Black Sea are very active. These characteristics are also reflected in the traditions of the region. Since the people of Rize live in harmony with nature, they especially organize festivals in the city with the arrival of spring season. As a visitor, you can easily join local folk festivals.

Rize Tea and Tourism Festival: July
Ayder Yaylası Festivals: June
Mountaineering festivals and mountaineering activities: July
Anzer Honey and Plateau Festival: August
Ikizdere Mountain Rooster Festival: June
Great Plateau Festivals: August

You can share your views about this beautiful city with us in the comment field.


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