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TURKEY July 2, 2016


Izmir night

Izmir is the Turkey’s third largest city, and located on the gulf of the same name. It has been discovered by the excavations at the Tepe Kule Mound, near Bayraklı, that the region had been inhabited from the 3000s B.C. The city’s name ariginally was “Swmaurna”, meaning the “Place of the Holy Mother”. This name was later cahnged to Swmirna in ancient Lydia. Initialy a small seaside settlement on the mound grew and expanded with those returning from the Trojan War, due to the relationship with the Hittites, maritime trade, and the Temple of the Holy Mother.

After you came to Izmir, you can go to its magnificent ancient city, Ephesus. We’ll write a article about Ephesus. Also, you can see the other attractions of Izmir in this article. You can learn, what you can do when you come to this city.

Izmir Weather

Izmir is located in Aegean Region of Turkey and this is the reason of why its weather available for tourism. In generaly, Aegean climate is dry and hot, this why it is suitable for beach and coast toursim. You won’t cold at the Izmir, because of this you can wear thin thing when you go to this city. Everage temprature is 20 + for Izmir.  In summer season, you can swim easily in this city and can travel to its natural beauty.

Izmir Airport

Ofcourse, this city has a airport. Because, so many people who are from foreign countries came to Izmir every year. Name of this airport is Adnan Menderes Airport. We’ll share with you Adnan Menderes airport codes. You can go to   Istanbul to Izmir by plane. Istanbul airport is exchange station for other cities of Turkey. Also, you can use Turkish airlines, which best airline company of Turkey when you come to Izmir. If you want, you can go to Izmir to Ephesus from this airport directly.

Adnan Menderes Airport Codes

İzmir, Turkey (TR)

0090 232 274 20 11 Visit official website

FAA Code
Phone0090 232 274 20 11
Fax0090 232 274 20 02
Time ZoneEurope/Istanbul (GMT +3:00)
Runway 110630 ft
Runway 210630 ft

İzmir Tukey Map

izmir turkey map

izmir turkey map


In Bayraklı, dwellings from his period, megarone type houses fortified with knitted mud and bricks, and a city surrounded by walls was uncovered. Homer, the world famous historian and philosopher of the ancient period, is the most important of the celebrities from Izmir. ANcient Izmir was burnt down and destroyed by the Lidyan King Alyattes in 600 B.C, then tied to Sardes, and then taken over by the Persians, and then the Macedonians. During the Macedonian period, urbanisation began on the foothills of Pagos / Kadifekale, and surrounding walls were built during the period of Lysimachos. Later it came under the control of the Seleucids, Pergamon and the Romans. The city was extensively damaged during and earthquake in A.D. 178, and rebuilt with the hellp of Emperor Marcus Aurelius. During the Byzantine period, an episcopal church was built on top of the remains of the Temple of the Holy Mother. The city was destroyed during Arab raids in the 7th century, and conquered by Türkmenoğlu Çaka Bey in 1081. In 1390, the region became part of the Ottoman Empire, and became an important commercial centre. Izmir was invaded by the Greeks on the 15th of May 1919, and the libarated due to a unique resistance and struggle, on the 9th of September 1992. The important archaelogical work which can be seen today in Izmir is the 120x80m, rectangular shaped state Agora, in the Namazgah locality. At the east and west edges of the agora, there 17.5 m wide, two storey, and two columned stoa.

In the north section of the agora, there is a two storey Byzantine basilica. Remains of the aqueducts which brought water to the city from the Buca Greek are seen in places. From the foothills of modern day Kadifekale to the harbour, there are various temples and buildings known to be from the ancient period.  Strabo describes these as beautiful structures placed around colonaded roads. Remains of the road can be seen in a park in Eşrefpaşa. The remains of the ancient theatre and stadium located on the North west foothills of Kadifekale have been compeletely destoreyed.

Other important works are the Artemis Baths in the Halkapınar water works in the Tepecik, aqueducts in Kızılçullu, the Hisar, Şadırvan and Kemeraltı Mosques, and Çakaloğlu Han.

Izmir is one of the countries most important tourism centres, with its mild weather, tourist facilities, the Gulf, and Balçova and Doğanbey thermal spa facilities. To the north east of ancient Izmir, there is the famous weeping woman under a rock monument of Niobe on Spyl Mountain and the ancient places of Magnesia Spylos. At the western most tip of the Çeşme Peninsula, in the Gulf of İzmir, Cyssus / Çeşme, which has an important ship shelter and harbour. Today, Çeşme is an important centre for tourism with its unique tourist facilities, scenic beauty and Çeşme thermal spa. There are large number of ruins of ancient cities, such as Klaozomenai, Erythrai, Agrilla, Teos, Myonnesos, Colophon, and Lebedos, in the Peninsula. Today İzmir is famous for its “Izmir meatballs” (juicy meatballs with patatoes), and sandwich known as Kumru. As well as authentic shopping areas such as Basmane and Konak, it also has modern shooping centres.

Known for: Izmir meatballs, Izmir lokma, Kumru, Inciraltı, and the restaurants on the famous waterfront.

Izmir clock tower

Clock tower


Clock tower rising in Konak Square is the symbol of İzmir. In September 1, 1900, the twenty-fourth year of the throne of Abdülhamid II, it was ordered to build many monuments all over the country. İzmir led the foundation of the clock tower in September 1, Raymond Pere adjudicated the Project. As a result of intensive works the clock tower was inaugurated in September 1, 1901, the twenty-fifth anniversary of throne of Abdülhamid II. 25 meters high tower ornamenting Konak Square is an elegant work of art.




The castle at the top of the hill overlooks the city and the bay. It is thought to have been constructed by Lysimakhos, one of the commanders of Alexander, in 4th century B.C.

Lower parts of the body wall are left from this period. Later, castle was repaired and expanded by Roman and Byzantine, however, it was destroyed by Timur’s army in 1402. Today, it stil stands with South walls in the west, and five bastions facing the bay. The cistern inside is thought to be from Byzantine period.




Çeşme, as one of the tourism center, is 80 km away from İzmir. It is in the endpoint of Çeşme Peninsula which contains wide and beautiful beaches. In Çeşme, where modern hotels serve, beaches such as Ilıca, Pırlanta, Çiftlik, Çatalazmak, Küçükliman, Şifne and Ildırı are located. 2 km long beach and thermal hot water spring of Ilıca, which is on İzmir – Çeşme highway and 5 km away from Çeşme, can be enjoyed excursion or by staying at facilities.

Ephesus theater

Ephesus theater

ANİCENT CİTİES (Izmir Attractions)

tripolis is a border city with an important strategic location in the Lydia region. It is situated at the intersection on the roads going towerds the three large cities of the ancient period- Ephesus, Hierapolis and Aphrodisias. The city put this conveninet location to very good use, especially during the Roman period, and, as can be seen from the surviving remains today, developed particulary well during this period.

Sart/ Swarda

The anicent city’s ruins are located the Salihli setttlement. The small acropolis castle in the city is thought to have been extented in the 1200s B.C. with the returners from the Trojan War.

Efes / Aphasa / Ephesus

The ruins of the ancient city of Ephesus are on the valley between the Bülbül and Panayır Mountains, to the south of the Selçuk Plain, where the Little Menderes Stream flows into the Aegean Sea.


Located 20 kilometres northest of the holiday resort of Çeşme in Izmir, the people of Ildırı village were described by Plutarch as “the most powerful of the ions.” The theatre of Erythrai, who were a member of the Ionian (Panionion), on the slopes of high hill, and dating back to the 3 rd century B.C. is in good condtion.

Salmkis Burcu / Kaplan Kalesi (Tiger Castle)

The structure seen on the shores of Bardakçı Bay is the bithplace of the Legend of Hermophradite. One day the son of the Aphrodite is bathing in the Salmakis stream and is seen by a water nymph named Salmakis who falls love are rejected, Salmakis suddenly hugs man she loves and prays to the gods for the love to be eternal and that thay do not separate the two bodies from one another.


After the Ionic migration to Western Anatolia, Nation was left in the region of lonia, but never accepted into the Ion Union (Panionion). It was the port city of Kolophon. In antique inscriptions it has also been referred to as “Nation belonging to the people of Kolophon.” During the Helenistic period, while Kolophon weakned, Nation, due to the advantage of being on the coast, gradually strengthened. During this period it was referred to as the “new Kolophon” or “Kolophon on the coast”. The walls of the city, the Temple of Athena, the agora and the theatre are in good condition.


Klaros was believed to have been founded after the Trojan War, and in fact, was a temple and oracle centre tied to Kolophon. The source water whic is deemed holy is on the plain. It is known that the secred area was famous during the Helenistic and Roman Periods. The names of the visitors who came here in ancient times are referred to in the inscriptions.

Klazomenai / Urla-Karantina Island

The earliest traces of settlement in the city goes back to the beginning of the 3000s B.C. In the 5th century B.C., after the unseccessful uprising of the Ionias aganist the Persians, the people who feared being punished moved to the nearby Quarantine Island with the mainland. Klazomenai is the bith place of the well-known nature scientist of the ancient era, Anaxgoras, and the Nobel laureate George Seferis, who was born in 1900.


One of the internal cities of the Ionian region was the city Metropolis, the “City of the Mother Goddess.” Thec earliest finds date back to the 8 th century B.C, with the city expriencing its the golden age in the 3rd century B.C. Metropolis was famous in the ancient era with its wines. Of the remains, the theatre structure is in the best condition.

Port of Kyme Namurt

The city which supported the Persians during the Persian – Greek wars, is known for the very large tax penalty it paid to the Attica-Delos Sea Union which was established aganist the Persians, Famous for its sea traders in the ancient period. Not many remains can be seen from the city which was spread over two hills.


Is a colony town established for Mecadonian soldiers during the Hellenistic priod. It is thought that during the Roman Period, tailors, leather workers, shoemakers, bakers, blacksmiths and pot makers lived in the city, which gave the impression of being in industrial town. At the place called to Hill Cemetery, today, there are no remains other than the colonnaded street and the church.

Must-see places:

Archaeological Museum, the Clock Tower, Kadifekale.

Do Not Return Without Doing:

Food: It has very rich dishes such as İzmir Meatball, İzmir donuts, Pastor Stew, rice Pudding, Spaghetti, Radika Salad.

Shopping: Shopping at Kemeraltı Bazaar and Kızlarağası Han. Modern shopping centers at Cumhuriyet Street, Karşıyaka and Alsancak.

Trips: Kültürpark, İzmir Bird Paradise.


International İzmir Jazz Festival, the first half of March.

International İzmir Arts Festival, between june and july.

International İzmir Fair, in August.


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