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-Turkey Attractions November 2, 2016

1 . Enchanted River; Mindanao, Philippines


In addition to being a beautiful river there are also a natural mystery. Nobody knows where they come from the river. River’s source is unknown, a popular destination for holidaymakers and divers.

2 . Abraham Lake , Albarta , Canada


Frozen bubbles emerge when the lake freezes and gets a nice view. But it can be very dangerous. Because this is not the air bubbles, “To be explosive when mixed with air” feature consists of methane showing.

3 . Pink Lake, Western Australia


The color of the lake water is not always rosy, but the color green algae, bacteria and changing as a result of high rates of shrimp density.

4 . Green Lake; Tragöß, Austria


Green Lake are dry during the winter and is an ideal setting for hikers. But with increasing temperature of the nearby mountains during the summer it fills the lake with the melting of snow in the hills.

5 . Waitomo Glowworm Caves; Waitomo, New Zealand


The cave was formed 30 million years ago. fireflies on the surface of the cave is located in New Zealand only.

6. Hell Gate; Derwez to Turkmenistan


In 1971 the Russian geoscience experts chance when they found gas wells is a long search. Scientists to protect the environment because it takes methane gas from these wells were on fire that burns well and consistently well since then.

7 . Eternal Flame Falls; Chestnut Ridge Park, New York


Although there is fire, which burns spontaneously in many parts of the world, known by most continues to burn natural gas. Waterfall surrounding stones do not produce this gas. They are still not sure how the fire burned scientists. It is thought that the fire burned thousands of years ago by the native American tribes.

8 . Kaindy Lake; Almaty, Kazakhstan


Lake Kaindy special thing that makes the forest, which lies under the water. This water does not seem forest wood pieces just because it looks spectacular views of sunken forest but you may encounter when entering the bottom of the water. Lake has occurred in a major earthquake occurred in 1911. The surface of the lake completely freezes in winter.

9 . Caño Cristales river; Meta, Colombia


During the rainy season the short time that the red color of the water Macarenia claviger given name is covered with bright red plants.

10 . Hierapolis Pamukkale , Denizli Turkey


calcium carbonate, which is deposited in the layered pools is initially a soft gel. It hardens over time and is travertine. But be visited by visitors and played on the layers of the soft calcium carbonate of the oppression is protected because it causes the deterioration of dispersion stability and precipitation.


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