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-Turkey Attractions October 10, 2016

We know you want something else! Turkey’s stubbornness to overflowing beach filled with restaurants, some of the road sucks all the water is clear, though, we’ve compiled for you navigated to the beach.

1 . Coal Harbor (Kömür Limanı), Gallipoli Peninsula


On behalf of stubbornness, a legend in the clear water. In the first place also it has the best seawater list of Turkey.

Location: Gallipoli from Eceabat to go 1 km turn right direction. Follow Hazelnut village signpost. After 12 km you will come to the village. Follow the signs at the entrance to the village of Coal Harbour will arrive in port after approximately 6 km.

2 . Bozcaada, Akvaryum Koyu


When you go to Bozcaada crowd and will advise you to go to the beach occupied by Ayazma restaurant. We made a change, we recommend you go to the Bay Aquarium.

Location: transportationand you need to do with your own vehicle or vehicles can be rented at the center. a distance of about 20 minutes after you get way more Ayazma beach. As you allow yourself your mobility, buffet here because the island is a small cove compared to other places, no services such as a restaurant. Go here to prepare your own food and drinks will be very helpful for you.

3 . Datca , Ovabuku Bay


Gravel-sand mixture beach with crystal clear water and is calling you! Some facilities and restaurants, though still one of the places unharmed.

Location: the day the minibus to Datca Ovabükü at various times, you can use them.

4 . Fethiye Turkey


Indescribable, experienced … Plants, even though the weather has not lost its fascinating natural wonder … I would strongly recommend that you do the paragliding!

Location: approximately 14 km from Fethiye you have to make way. It takes about half an hour. Minibuses depart from Fethiye.

5 . Dalyan, Iztuzu Beach


4.5 km long beach. Apparently it is like no other in the world. a natural wonder with being caught in fresh water with sea water feature. Caretta Caretta on the beach to lay their eggs, also known as Turtle Beach. not to disturb the turtles 20:00-08:00 between closed, other times in public.

Location: You can reach via minibus from Dalyan shield boats or vans.

6 . Selçuk, Pamucak Beach, Izmir Turkey


Lovers of sandy and rough seas will always prefer, lined with palm trees, sand from the beach … So people do not speak, you listen very long beach head.

Location: down to the south of Izmir, follow the sound waves from Selçuk. where most!

7 . Sazlıca Beach


We can already determine the peace center in Foca; but Sazlıca deserves a completely different definition. They can come across different types of marine life, a place legendary for diving …

Location: between old and new Foca Foca, put a long but not too deep.

8 . Delikyol Bay, Marmaris Turkey


One found a plant, quiet, with a sea of Marmaris dark legend!

Location: Selimiye 7 km left Delikyol Dark greeted with the magnificent nature.

9 . Fethiye Butterfly Valley


Although many people now know by name, number of people who are still not very much. It is to swim in the valley, really it is priceless …

Location: Navigating by car from Fethiye. But the car coming down into place until the place. The rest, the base force! Already beautiful as this do not you? 🙂

10 . Patara Beach , Antalya Turkey


Full 12km long, fine sand beach, between the beaches in protecting caretta caretta eggs they leave. Due to the fine sand, which is home to Yeşilçam films desert scenes. Here’s a little behind the ancient city. An area suitable for wind surfing also cares, as long!

Location: depending Kalkan, Patara about 208 kilometers from Antalya (km) away and the drive takes about 3 hours and 30 minutes.

What do you think? Do you agree with our list? Please share your opinions with us as a comment!


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