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-Turkish Food October 14, 2016

We’ve added our expression of love to eat much more than a metaphor for the Turkish cuisine. Turkish cuisine is really the floor to the feelings of people, is composed of food evokes emotions in people. Take a look at our content if you have never seen it look. After we are sure to see a much different perspective when you sit down at the table with olive oil beans.

1 . Ezogelin Soup


Red lentils, rice, wheat, red pepper, mint, garlic, onion, red pepper paste … beside a bucket of bread, what more to get? Unity, solidarity, sharing, satiety, pleasure, pain, etc. Is there another soup which contains everything? I also do not know if there is. Even the name us as family, love, do not tell that one? Lentil deyince plate in hand in front of your eyes Did crowded laugh that puts the table does not face a woman? Lentil soup is our unity, our love, our devotion to our family.

2 . Mucver


Eggs, pumpkin, flour, green onions, parsley, dill and spices … all kinds of green, wasting the enemy, do not waste remaining on the plate, sin he does not come your mother eats does sauté think of your mind. How can this be a delicious meal made such broad and amorphous as he thought, does not bloat your admiration for your mother in your house? Fried Zucchini is a mother’s love, hash browns is the fear of God.

3 . Karniyarik


Eggplant, onions, ground beef, tomatoes, green peppers, garlic, tomato paste and the content prepared with spices, cooked to, from us until the flavor’s name, tells us, indicating that we should not eat. a vegetable such as eggplant recipe using the most effective way possible. telling us that we should be a whole, you alone are nothing but maybe you thingy so when one says, a taste of tears in our eyes.

4 . Yaprak Sarmasi /stuffed leaves


Onions, rice, cinnamon, black pepper, sugar, salt, parsley, fresh mint, dried mint, currants, pine nuts, tomatoes … hug each other, delighted, fused to, but no such interest is another food tasted so of life. What in French cuisine, nor in Indian cuisine what the mix of Chinese, nor the integrity of the American sauce, no coexistence! this meal to us in the embrace of Creativity endpoint confidence, have been telling the importance of trust, but unfortunately, we do not ever see him that way. Both hot and cold, as sauce, and yogurt, also states that can beat you with both a simple “accept people in every form” Does not sound as if to say?

5 . Kadayif


Pre-being judgmental, with people apparently assessment, give a chance to everyone, make sure that you will be the winner says shredded wheat us. Every person comes into your life, like walnuts, like nuts, pistachio pudding or else call you to taste other pleasures. Cream on top, says next to the ice cream will sweeten his mouth, he says you will be happy. open until the end of the lap to look at life with eyes beaming, she says people are afraid of shredded wheat.

6 . Haricot bean/Kuru Fasulye


Dry beans, onions, tomato sauce … that’s it. If you like sausage, ground beef, cubed bacon, potatoes, etc. set according to taste. But nothing is secure wider, even the gift of one of the world’s finest delicacies for you. Live a simple life says, camphor is said to take up the need to enjoy life. But at the same time make you want to enjoy much more of a hobby he says, around the world, meet new people, like people. To enrich your life in your hands, but do not fail are simply too nice a worry. The next essential rice life unbearable for you alone, says you can fold the taste will be with a lover. Dry beans teaches us to live life, to know the vision.

7 . Güveç /Stew


Naturally, note that the last place you will go eventually land. This world is not the one, that the world soon to spend the vacancies, life is always new people, open to new things to get the message that it’s fine. Now going rampant in the organic food craze is a unique stew trying to tell us in advance. It does not matter what’s inside, it’s a whirling dervish who had DUğUndUr important how you treat them, a scholar, a scholar stew.

8 . Tavuk göğsü


Nothing is impossible! unique desserts of Turkish cuisine we should not just talk about it, even with value. Enough of us want that, he says, you can see the work that will be something that will not even enough. Just chicken breast able to be more successful and happy life with the lessons we take from sweet.

9 . Mantı /Turkish Ravioli


Sabrina tells us ravioli, we want to come to a place in life, we want to achieve something, we want to enjoy life teaches us that we must be patient. The road to success is not easy, labor, toil, explains that require work. Finally joy, success, happiness if, prior to the sleepless nights, fatigue, pain must say ravioli. Easy tells us there is no money, work, raising labor ravioli.

10 . Durum / Turkish Roll


Want to show us what is the thing that keeps us together, he cried he found the meaning of life, because he says, that holds you together is one thing that prevents disintegration. For some this is love, love for others, he remains some work together, seeing some sightseeing. But you have to find it, or dispersed, can be shattered. It does not take pleasure in the world, scattered, it is lost as individuals der rolls destroyed. Everyone has a lavash holds it together.

What Do you think? Do agree with our Turkish Cuisine List? Please share your opinions with us as a comment!


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