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TURKISH September 24, 2016

Turkish men… If you are from foreign country and you want to come to Turkey probably are you wonderning How are Turkish men.. I mean, Turkish men’s fashion, Turkish men’s clothing, turkish men’s rings, shoes, shirts and more.. So, Our job is introducu to Turkey with its every side.. In this article we’ll talk about Turkish men and their features.

Turkish Men Fashion

How is the Turkish Men Fashion? Actually, It is not diffrent from other counteries. The people usally from European countries thought; Turkish men like Arab Men but it is not true. They have modern clothing style, usally good body shape. You can see their shoes, rings at the bottom of this line.


And when I seacrh about thisc article, I recognized, so many people wondering the Turkish men’s names. In Turkey, Men mostly use for name; Mehmet, Mustafa, Ahmet, Burak, Murat….. Average height of Turkish men is 1, 75 cantimeter. Average wight of Turkish men is 70 kilogramme and the average penis size of Turkish men is 16 cantimeter.

7 Features of Turkish Men

1 . They Are Jealous. If a Turkish man love some woman He definitely be jealous. Actually this is about a little bite cultural. They don’t want to share people who they loved. Because of this, you’re in a relationship they are getting jealous.

2 . They want to be master of you. It is good or not. I don’t know, but If you’re in a relationship with a Turkish man you have be ready for only belongs to him.

3 . If They love you, you’re precious for them anymore. And they will preotect you to everyone or everything.

4 . Some of them can be romantic even if you don’t want.

5 . The love… In Turkey, personal relationship is very important thing for social life of Turks. Because of this, When a man love you, they never let you go.

6 . They can be protector.. We have already talked about that.

7.  And last one is; Sex is very important for Turkish men ; )

Top 10 Most Handsome Turkish Men 

10 . Kenan Ece 


He was born in 1980. After finihed his Austrian High school, he started to education in Davidson College in America and decided to become a actor in Turkey. He played in Güllerin Savaşı (War of Roses), Aşk Olsun, Kalp Hırsızı (Thief of Heart) ….

9 . Gökhan Keser


He was born in Izmir Turkey in 1987. He won Miss and Mr. Model competation in 2004. After this he started to his acting and singing carrier.

8 . Murat Boz


He is a pop singer from Turkey. He was born in Zonguldak city of Black Sea region of Turkey. He live in Istanbul since 1999.

7.  Engin Öztürk


He was born in Eskişehir in 1986. He has three brother that they smilar him. He gratuated from Hacettepe University  and started his acting carrier in 2012.

6. Mehmet Gunsur


He was born in 1975 in Istanbul Turkey. But his origin comes from Tatar.

5 . Engin Altan Düzyatan


He was born in Izmir Turkey in 1979. He gratuated from 9 Eylül University of Izmir and started his acting carrier.

4 . Çağatay Ulusoy


He was born in Istanbul in 1990. He is famous turkish actor and model. He won Best Model of Turkey competation in 2010.

3 . Burak Özçivit


He was borin in Istanbul in 1984. He is a actor also a famous model in Turkey. He greduated from Mimar Sinan University the department of the Photography.

2.  Barış Arduc


Owww! This man is my favorite… I think, He is so cute… Barış Arduc was born in Scherzingen city of Swiss in 1987. After his childhoood period, its parents decided to return to Turkey. Now, He is a famous Turkish actor and model.

1 . Kıvaç Tatlıtuğ


And we came to first one. Maybe you known him or not. Kıvanç Tatlitug is very famous actor and model in Turkey also is famous around of the world. He was born in Adana in 1983.

What do you think? Do you agree our list? Please share your opinion  with us as  a comment


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