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uncategorized September 30, 2016

In Istanbul , many people are not aware of, but many priceless works by the world of archeology and history, is now on display in museums in Istanbul. All the works of art and people who are fascinated. Now let’s turn to these works. Because of the Ottoman Empire and the recent developments in the science of archeology, geography literally works of Ottoman history is stolen and kidnapped tens of thousands of works to museums in Europe and America. Many works of Osman Hamdi Bey as a result of the individual efforts of archaeologists rescued today were brought to our country and Istanbul.

Top 10 Archaelogical Work of Istanbul Turkey

1 . Alexander Sarcophagus


Sayda sarcophagus and Alexander Sarcophagus

Sarcophagus of Sidon, 1887. Osman Hamdi Bey discovered in Sidon (Sidon) are the tombs of the kings’ tombs. 7 left over 18 tombs in the necropolis, others have brought to Istanbul with a very meticulous work. The most important of the priceless value of the sarcophagus of Alexander Sarcophagus is the Tabnit the old sarcophagus. Other than that other important sarcophagi Crying Women Tomb, Satrap Tomb and the Lycian sarcophagus.

Alexander Sarcophagus, Istanbul Archaeology is considered the most important works in the museum. This work is a priceless symbol of Istanbul, according to some archaeologists. This work is on display at the Istanbul Archaeology Museum.

2 . Sidemara Sarcophagus


One of the most impressive to me. How to process such a stone and revealed that a work of art. He headed the world’s largest weight of 32 tons.

Roman period, when Christ after Lahti Sidemara made in the 3rd century, were found during excavations in the village of Ambar in 1898 in Konya. by Osman Hamdi Bey, brought to Istanbul in 1909 he joined the museum collection. The largest known tomb. 4 meters long, 3.5 meters high and weighs 25 tons. It is believed to have belonged to a noble family in the Roman period. There are figures on the four sides. Cover the person with the sarcophagus belongs to his wife lying half way, is portrayed with her. It has the face of a hunting scene. This work is on display at the Istanbul Archaeology Museum.

3 . Kadesh Peace Treaty tablet


The beginning of the 13th century BC, according to some sources in 1285 BC, according to some sources, the Egyptian Pharaoh made in Kadesh War II at the end of 1296 BC. Hittite King Ramses III. the peace treaty signed between Hattushili. Syria has resulted in the division of land. Close to constitute the first treaty signed in the East carries. Although no recorded until the following day-the oldest international treaty has proven the existence of the earlier treaty. Originally written in the Akkadian language Egyptian and Hittite de treaties signed under the copied equal clay tablets copy of the Hittite Empire, the capital of Hattusa (Boğazköy) as a result of excavations in the ancient city was discovered in 1906.

4 . First love poem tablet


Istanbul Archaeological Museums of Ancient Orient Museum in written documents in the Archives of nails, “Istanbul # 2461” There are a number of cuneiform tablets. Tablets, today the city of ancient Sumer in southeast Iraq in Nippur, was uncovered in 1889 and 1951 in Istanbul came Sumerian by the tablet Americans Asurologist and Sumerologist started to work on the Samuel Noah Kramer has been deciphered. Turkish translation has been made in Muazzez Scientific Avalanche.

And soon it realized that cuneiform tablets, the world’s oldest love poem is written. And this is confirmed by Guinness World Records.

5 . Code of Hammurabi tablets


Hammurabi, the sixth of the 11 kings of the Old Babylonian lineage. reign lasted 43 years between the years 1792-1750 BC. 2nd year of the reign “of law in the country be” years. The original law was written on a diorite stele, 2.23 m tall. Stele was found at Susa and was taken to the Louvre. Article 282 of the Act is composed of three parts. This text is displayed at the Istanbul Archaeological Museum, were those copies on the tablet to be used in court and was found to be taught in schools and in Nippur.

6 . Sun clock


On this sundial has a concave face with a radial line which is divided into 12 equal parts, located in Saudi Arabia were found in Madain Salih. Located on the Aramaic inscription and is made of red sandstone. The shadow of a vertical rod at the center shows the time fell on the lines according to the movement of the sun.

7 . Ishtar Gate (Gate of Babylon)


Ishtar Gate, present in Iraq on the walls of the ancient city of Babylon, “Ceremony Road” opened on the main street is called, consists of two monumental entrance separated by an interior courtyard, the giant doors made of bricks. BC y. 575 Neo-Babylonian Empire, the capital of combining internal and external walls of Babylon, was built in the eighth gate of the city. II, king of Babylon. It was built by Nebuchadnezzar in the name of the goddess Ishtar. Is slightly higher than 12 m and is covered with glazed brick relief where the dragon and bull. The door consists of two consecutive input and a wide shelf on the south side. Starting today can be traced back of the door and a section of more than 800 m of stone and brick paved the way raising one foot on either side of the ceremony was arranged terracotta statues of lions. 120 lion sculpture on the street, into the front door as if 13 575 dragons and bulls figure is thought to be found. The door to the street where the level had remained under the ground several times raised the bottom row of relief. Iraqi Antiquities Department, this street was rebuilt based on one of the upper levels.

First, many of the priceless china in 1900 by German archaeologist, was taken to the Pergamon Museum in Berlin . (Today there are many elements of the building in Berlin Pergamon Museum.). Saddam Hussein should take place at the entrance to Nebuchadnezzar Museum, but the tiles were taken to be restored. Iraq War (2003-11) during irreparable damage to historical sites remaining from the military buildup of the US military have been stolen while hundreds of square tiles.

8 . Statue of Mesopotamia (LUGAL-Dalu Statue)


The most important works in the collection of Adab Lugal-Dalu is a limestone statue. The inscription on his shoulder ‘Adab King’ as it indicates that introduce and sculptures of etiquette, the chief god of the temple dedicated Esarn. Sumerian king list the names exceeding LUGAL-Dalu BC 3 is thought to be thousands of years in the mid-Adab city gentlemen. This statue was placed in the temple, according to the Sumerian belief ‘attorney priests’ statues are. These statues outside the temple at the time that the people they represent, were to continue to offer their gratitude to God on behalf of those people.

9 . Silo Inscription


Same-Silver fountain of water in Jerusalem, places where rock has been removed from the place where occurred in the six channels. The oldest Hebrew text written with the Phoenician alphabet is the inscription near the starting point of the channel, was written in the rocks on the left. Inscription inscription different lengths of six lines from occurring issue.For is described the construction and dug into the rock tunnel, water was the offers to come to the point where same-Silvan is located in the town of Ceyhan sources outside the city. This channel of King Hezekiah (725-697 BC) was built by. Torah ‘ruler History’ section talks about the channel.

Siloam Inscription, in 1838 was found in the tunnel, called the tunnel in East Jerusalem by Ezekiel Robinson. money to stay out of the dark period of our research is an important evidence. Assyrian king Sennacherib, the prophet Ezekiel and inscriptions in these tunnels are used to compress the escape when people actually reveals the truth completely.

There are no inscriptions on the king of the Jews. The closest document “Ezekiel Tunnel“, also known as paper and finally here it is not mentioned in any name but a king is determined to contain a list of David’s victory and his deputy.

in Jerusalem and BC 7. Hebrew inscription dated six lines per century, the king of Judah in Jerusalem because of the danger of the Assyrian Hazekiah tells the story of the construction of the tunnel built against the water shortage may occur. Another important aspect of this article, the foundation of the Museum of Archeology Museum-i Humayun that since the museum’s collections.

In this article, the two groups (Hezekiah and Sennacherib) shows that come together.

10 . Sappho Head


Sappho example, one of the Roman portrait head, Lesbos (Mytilene) belongs to the poet Sappho, who was born on the island.

M.Ö.7. 5yüzyıl century and lived in many lyric poet. This period is the most well-known poet, a poem that reaches up to the present only as a whole and that of Sappho poetry is written in a hymn to Aphrodite.

the birthplace of the youth years away from Lesbos’ in Sicily who Sappho, Aphrodite worship becomes a group of women’s teacher when he returned. According to a legend, the man he loved rejected by throwing himself from the abyss has committed suicide



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