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-Cafes and Restaurants October 6, 2016

He had been there from the European side of Istanbul in love. Taksim, Bebek, Nisantasi was hard to find most of the entertainment and dining venues in Ortaköy on the Anatolian side. Of course, along with the gradual exhaustion of places, districts were also undergoing changes. If you only eat when losing mass in the process, I think it was fashion. Being Kadikoy already demanded it.

Now, Kadıköy are like a victory. Because especially different from each other and truly magnificent places opened in Fashion, he invites all Istanbul feet.

1 . Creative, calm and More Delicious: Kevin Cafe


Both creative and calm, will both everything was delicious, do not say. Kevin personally guarantee a cafe in giving it all together. Delicious food, nice ambiance, they will aim to service quality music. For me there are two attractive features: First, the importance of creativity and be inspired to give; the second is to be truly successful offering different flavors of international cuisine from each other. In addition to finding peace in a İstabull flavor of what else could you want?

As for the taste you should try … White chocolate profiteroles should be tried, but be sure to taste the ravioli tray should be measured, a true legend homemade lemonade!

AddressCaferağa Mahallesi, Bademaltı Sokak, No 36/A, Kadıköy, İstanbul

2 . Indian girl in fashion: Naga to Putrik


One of the most charming places in Naga Putrik guess … name, Hindi mountains say the girl. He inspired the decor and menu, the name was already. go so far as to complain that I have not seen that from a great breakfast. Space separates from the classic kahvaltıcı, offered many products directly from small and local producers, even as the first woman are supplied from the manufacturer. It is not known why, in addition to eating or delicacies await you.

not to mention flavor to try, to the breakfast Gone cream from Naga bread I strongly recommend that you eat of it all!

AddressCaferağa Mahallesi, ModaCaddesi, No 161/A, Kadıköy, İstanbul

3 . Nostalgia heart: Honorary Cafe


I’m sure it would be indispensable for nostalgia lovers! Name, is the Honorary Abla movie. Venue operators cinema origin is understood from antique movie camera and film strip used for decoration anyway. In the evening, music as old plates are preferred. Mezzanine with comfortable seats spread like yourselves to home, you can immerse yourself in the ambiance.

Desserts are a trying one, you’ll see almost as many varieties of tea … One should also not find in any cafe called ravioli Emeritus and Honorary toast to!

AddressCaferağa Mahallesi, ModaCaddesi, Leylek Sokak, No 3/A, Kadıköy,İstanbul

4 . Friendly and simple “neighborhood bar”: Muhaf


First of all be noted that there is an interest in Beyoglu Muaf’l. This is a fairly quiet and simple place. the fact that a good enough reason to go smiling and interests of employees. food and beverages is not much variety on the menu, but you can not say regret from any of the dishes. With an intimate presentation as if you prepare your home, from meals to really palatable.

Exempt omelet and a must try smoking pastry varieties!

Address : Caferağa Mahallesi, ModaCaddesi, Ferit Tek Sokak, No 60/A, Kadıköy,İstanbul

5. Pappa Cafe


In 1903 under a building built by architect Constantin Pappa located and the name also taken here. The Pappaya can feel yourself sitting in a French cafe. This tiny cafe has only one employee, it’s friendly owner.

Also … coffee and Marshmallow know the way to your heart with a chocolate dessert.

Address : Caferağa Mahallesi, Ruşen Ağa Sokak, 18/A, Kadıköy, İstanbul

6 . Page Cafe & Gallery


Work calmly, really a good choice for you to relax or chat. As you can guess from its name, but also a gallery inside. paintings adorning the walls, very beautiful. It’s worth mentioning that the employees are quite friendly and sociable!

As for the taste been tried: Carrot cheesecake crumble, hearty breakfast, and I recommend you try the remaining kinds of coffee taste in your palate.

AddressCaferağa Mahallesi, ModaCaddesi, No 121, Kadıköy, İstanbul

7 . Volare Cafe


Volare, and welcomes customers in the cage as well as unusually extended the original product we have. The “toy I Go” infidel What can I say … around where you can buy handmade toys, bags, elegant cups and homemade wonderful flavors from each other! It enters the space does not enter, “it was so sweet, it’s so sweet” words as you begin to consumables. We can say a puppet shop you back to your childhood.

The menu is very very nice … Coffee from Petra, Whittard tea from fresh pumpkin cheesecake, brownie and cherry-apple tarts from the volaria!

Address Caferağa Mahallesi, ModaCaddesi, Murat Bey Sokak, No 3/C Kadıköy, İstanbul

8 . Naan Bakeshop Cafe


bread as the name quite familiar cafe. First it opened once serving as oven naan; bread with, and presentation of the food, our hearts quite a different place in the book business. It is having been in the choice of earth tones for decoration, creating a soothing effect.

I say go if you must try the olive bread … Also, all the bread you will become addicted and fermented sour once you get used to!

AddressCaferağa Mahallesi, ModaCaddesi, No 113, Kadıköy, İstanbul

9 . Juliet Rooms & Kitchen


No matter how crowded, I can say this is one of the rare places that managed to be quiet. Although the hotel above, have been replaced rather preferred locations. Weekends often are preferred for breakfast, but not too late in saying it was too crowded.

I would advise you to try the crepes Gone!

AddressCaferağa Mahallesi, Şifa Sokak, No 31, Kadıköy, İstanbul

10 . Böcek Cafe


Is it all becomes intimate cafes cross the street? No, of course, but insects really sweet! açılal yet not even one year, but there are quite diligent team. They conquered the hearts of the library is added to the decoration … with secret cookie recipes they manage to captivate coming.

Gone, crybaby (chocolate cream cake) or chocolate cherry cake may be preferred. Also there is a Cheesecake Pam … you can not eat the food, we eat it all!

Address:  Caferağa Mahallesi, Leylak Sokak, No 17/A, Kadıköy, İstanbul


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