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TURKISH September 24, 2016


Turkish Women…  If you’re man… Hmmmm Actually eve if you are a voman you can like 😉 and you’re from forign country probably, you’re wondering Turkish women. So, we want to introduce every side of Turkey. This is why we are here.  Now, in this article we’ll talk about featrues of Turkish women and then we’ll count down for Top 10 Most Beautiful Turkish Women list. Lets start… So many people are wondering Turkish Women’s clothing or their Jibab. Actually, there is one thing you should know, The Jilbab dosen’t belong to Turkish women. It is not Turkish cultural tradational. Because of this, especially big cities women usally don’t use jibab. So, Biggest part of Turkey is Muslim and origin of the jibab comes from Islamic culture. This is why Jibab is used in Turkey. If the woman is muslim, usually clothing like this; they close to their body expect their hands and face. And the other part of the women has modern clothing style for daily issues.

turkish woman with her jibab

turkish woman with her jilbab

We can say a little bite short for Turkish women, but when look at Turkis men actually they are suitable each others.  Average hight of Turkish women is 1. 63 cantimeters. Average weight of Turkish women is 63 kilogramm and They have usually black and brown eyes.  If you want to impress a turkish girl, this is a little tip for you; You must be a little bite tough, don’t be too romantic they don’t like that. They are really good at cooking. And they want to fell valuable themselves like every woman in the world. Turkish women have white and soft skin.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Turkish Women

10 . Oyku Celik


She is young and fascinating beauty from Turkey. She was born in 1987 in Istanbul . Now, She is a famous actrees and model. Her eyes cen be dream nearly for every men.

9 . Asli Tandoğan 



Seh was born in 1979 in Ankara Turkey. She has an amazing beurty with her fascinating colorfull ayes. Now she is one of the famous Turkish actress.  First tv series of her is “Gülüm” meaning “My rose”. After her first tv project she became a popular with her beauty.

8 . Birce Akalay


Birce Akalay was born in 1984 in Istanbul Turkey. He gretuated from “Pera Modern Sanatlar ” High school. And after her high school life, She started study at Teater section of University of Istanbul.  Her first tv series is “Alayina isyan” meaning, “rebel against everyone”. After her first job she became a famous actrees with her fascinating eyes and natural beauty.

7 . Cansu Dere 


She was born in 1980 in Ankara. At begining of her carrier she was a famous model, but then she decided to be actress and played in a tv series. Name of this tc series is “Sıla” meanig, “homesickness”.

6 . Seranay Sarıkaya


She was born in 1991 in Ankara Turkey. When she was only fifteen joined a beauty competition and won the speacial award of grand jury. After this she decided to become a model and actress. Today Seranay Sarikaya is one of the most popular tv series and cinema actresses of Turkey.

5 . Farah Zeynep Abdullah


She was born in 1989 in Besiktas district of Istanbul. The origin of herfather comes from Iraq and the origin of her mother comes from Bosnian Turks. First tv series of Farah Zeybep Abdullah is “Öyle bir Geçer zaman ki” meanig, (Actually ı have to apology, because I can’t translate name of this tv series. Because it is a very famous song word). After her first tv series, natural beauty of Zeynep was drawed attention to everyone.

4 . Nehir Erdoğan  



She was born in 1980 in Izmir Turkey. She gratuated from Marmara University of Istanbul. But, her section is not about acting. She decided to be actrees and after this, he played in tv series. She became popular with her amazing natural beauty and started to play in famous tv series or Turkish movies.

3. Yasemin Allen 


Her full name is Yasemin Kay Allen. She is halfblood actress from Turkey. Her mother’s origin comes from Turkey and her father’s origin comes from England. She was born in 1989 in Londan. Whe she was three months, they moved to Turkey with her family. She played in tv series, only she was 18.

2 . Fahriye Evcen


She was born in 1986 in Solingen from Germany. When she was in Turkey, discovered one famous Turkish tv channel and in the same channel she played her first role; “Yaprak Dökümü- Necla”. After her first tv series, she was getting famous day by day. Her amazing black hair and fascinating eyes was loved so muck by Turkish men.

1 . Tuba Büyüküstün



She was born in 1982 in Istanbul. She gratuated from Mimar Sinan University of Istanbul. After her gratuate, She decided to become an actress. Famous director Tomris Giritlioğlu helped for her this dream. When she played in her first tv series, people shocked for her natural beauty. And then She played in famous tv series “Asi“. There are two meanig for this word. One of them is “A river from Antioch Turkey” and the other one is “rebellious“. After this tv series she became famous incredibly with her natural beauty and fascinating green eyes. Also, her body shape is amazing.

What doyu tink? Do you agree our list? What is your opinion, please share with us as a comment



Nurdin Abdul Rahman July 23, 2018

All of the girls are beautiful and they go to my liking. But I like Farah (no. 5) the most. One thing I would prefer is that a lady with big boobs. I love large heavy boobs. I may fly to Istanbul sometime in December. Is winter severe in Turkey?

I am a businessman, not a successful one though.

Nice to get to know your posting.


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