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-Turkey Attractions October 5, 2016

Do you know Dardanelles Turkey? Does crowded of big cities disturb you? Sometimes, you want to be far away from complicated social life of the big cities? In other word, you want to spend a peaceful holiday. When you come to Turkey, ıf you want to spend a peaceful vacation there are so many oportunity for you.  One of these oportunities is Dardanelles Turkey.. This city of Turkey has fascinating natural beauties, calm social life, plcaces which are far away from crowded of the city, amazing villages and more..  We made a list for you; Top 10 Reasons for a Dardanelles Vacation..

Top 10 Reasons for Dardanelles Vacation

1 . It is the only Turkey city which has Bosphorus after Istanbul Turkey


What more passes through the sea! It gives you the feeling that you’re used to the presence of the throat. Can you can watch the sunset from the promenade against throat tightened.

2 . The city has Gokceada and Bozcaada districts…


Turkey’s most beautiful islands here and you have only a few hours away. Ideal for weekend breaks and spend a pleasant time to evaluate.

3 . You can meet warm, friendly people


Dardanelles offers you a rich social life, according to the city in its scale. from festivals to concerts, you can expect to have a social life until the Dardanelles hobby centers of cultural and artistic activities.

4 . You can find organic farming products


Dardanelles is a place where fertile soil produced in intensive agricultural products. Both natural and organic form. Therefore, I find he does not have to kasma metropolis organic everything is already in the neighborhood market
It is organic.

5 . Milk and milk products are very rich in this city


There is a serious milk production. This is reflected in the flavor of the milk production associated with the name of its own Ezine cheese. Ezine cheese of the original is here, others are Ezine-style cheeses made.

6 . Gallipoli national park


We believe that these substances are not sufficient to settle the Dardanelles. Visiting the places where the wars now, the rest of the war stories from experienced guides and family from time to time you do, you must repeat your friends and relatives. a calming atmosphere that welcomes you inside there is always that you want to be close to the atmosphere.

7 . Troy Ancient City

turkey trojen horse

Turkey is perhaps the most important ancient city of Troy where the archaeological work is also close to 30 km from the center of Dardanelles. Here you will witness how it progresses over a single city that civilization.

8 . Watch the sunset from Babakale and Gülpınar


here are many unknown points of Canakkale. Excuse me, this is the protected nature of how beautiful and we want to help protect their beauty by not giving any more information.

9 . Ayazma Nature Park


In general, most of us know the side facing the skirts of the Gulf of Edremit. However, there are undiscovered natural wonders behind the Mount Ida. Ayazma Natural Parkı’nın of you a peaceful nature wait.

10 . You can Surfing


Dardanelles is one of the few points that can be surfing in Turkey. Especially at every point of the island and the coastline you will come across in the surf and sailing school. You can learn to surf for an enjoyable experience.

What do you think? Did you like Dardanelles? Please, share your opinion with us as a comment!



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