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-Turkey Attractions September 29, 2016

Maybe you know these amazing views, maybe not. Maybe You have been some of them before. But, you should know there are so many amazing places that we haven’t made a list for them yet. There so many beautiful Turkey sights because of this, we couldn’t decide, we must chosse to which sights. At least, we decided to make a toplist for Turkey sights.

Top 10 Turkey Sights

1 . Sumela Monatery


Sumela Monastery is located in Maçka district of Trabzon Turkey. It is at Altındere Village of the district. Height of Monastery is 1150 m. from sea line. Full name of this ancient greek school and monastery is Theotokos Sumela Monastery. There is local legend about this monastery. According to legend Two monks who didn’t know each other saw a dream someday. The dream is; baby jesus, Virgin Mary did stand the location where is sumela monastery today. After this dream, the monks come to Trabzon and they started to construction of this amazing structure.

2 . Nemrut Mound, Adiyaman Turkey


Photo: Peerakit Jirachetthakun

Nemrut Mound is 8th wonder of the world. There are so many mysterious sculptures on this mound  and height of them is over than 10 m. Also you can see most wonderful sunset and sunrise from top of the mound.

3 . Cumalıkızık Village, Bursa Turkey


This village is very special for Bursa Turkey. Because the village belongs to Ottoman Empire period and was protected by Turks until today. When you go to the village, you can see old Turkish architectural style from Ottoman period. Also, it has unique natural beauties. The nature had been gifted some special presents. You can see Cumalikizlik village in the old Turkish movies from the Yeşilçam (Green Pine, we called our old movies like that) period.

4 . Myra Ancient City, Antalya Turkey


Photo: Ferzan Uğurdağ

Myra Ancient city was establihed in between Kaç and Fenike district of Antalya Turkey . It was one of the 5 important cities of old Lydia Empire. The city date back from 5th century B.C. Some structures of the ancient city; rock graves, Ancient Theatre and St. Nicolas Church are survived until today.

5 . Basilica Cistern, Istanbul Turkey


The Basilica Cistern in the middle of the historical peninsula, M. 542, the Byzantine Emperor Justinian (527-565) by the Grand Palace was built to meet the water needs of the city.

6 . Hasankeyf, Batman Turkey


Photo: Zeynep Uğurdağ

Hasankeyf is not known when and by whom it was founded. However, thousands of caves around the city and show that the people who settled here ages ago. Hasankeyf, located in the region of Mesopotamia, one of mankind’s oldest settlements. To flee from the Tigris River, the geographical structure of the protection available to thousands of caves used as dwellings always attracted attention throughout the ages has maintained its strategic importance.

7 . Ballıca Cave, Tokat Turkey


Photo, Tuna Özata

Views room opened 8 680 m. long and 95 m. Ballıca is high, one of the world’s largest and most spectacular cave. This natural wonder, not yet opened to visitors and continues to maintain the mystery of the unexplored sections.

Cave formations in Ballıca watch, like visiting a natural museum. About 3.4 million years of age identified as Ballıca, so far, as well as having all the caves detected, with original Onion Suspension of international importance. To navigate the drop-down section to visit the cave every step in amazement as going on a mysterious journey that excitement.

8 . Pokut Plateau , Rize Turkey


Photo, Funda Ozcan

Pokut, Çamlıhemşin in over 2100 meters is the height of the Hamshen springs. Palovit looking at the main valley, surrounded by vast pine forests .. Pokut is a place not give up the photography lovers and hikers. Pokut houses face-hundred and fifty years of history. Some of chipped quarry stone and wooden structure and roof covering plates on it, with rooms that house 2-3 people a sense of confidence, consists of warehouse and kitchen food called maran. These houses have unique architectural beauty they add to the beauty Pokut flour.

9 . Ölüdeniz, Fethiye, Muğla


Photo, Mehmet Ali Dikiciaşık

Oludeniz, Fethiye is a town in the district of Muğla. Eighty-two percent of Oludeniz beach has been chosen as the most beautiful beaches in the world in 2006.

The resort is quite advanced in terms of tourism. Lycian land of light and sun, in the Middle Ages “Distant Land” is known as, is located in southwest Anatolia is located in the Teke Peninsula. abalone in Turkey (lagoon) is one of the formations.

Oludeniz is a character name like stagnant lake. The most tumultuous days Belcegiz coast grappled with waves occur just flapping in Oludeniz.

10 . Cappadocia Turkey


Region 60 million years ago; Erciyes, along Hasandağı and Güllüdağ’ın the lava and ash millions of years emerged as the soft layers eroded by rain and wind.

Human settlement dates back to the Paleolithic period. The land where the Hittites lived in a subsequent period has been one of the most important centers of Christianity. The houses and churches carved into the rock, the region has become a giant refuge for Christians fleeing from the oppression of the Roman Empire.

Do you agree with our list? What do you think? Please share your opinions with us a comment!


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