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-Turkish Food October 19, 2016

Yes, we separate each flavor can be nice, but we absolutely love eating at breakfast! Do we leave our bed behalf of Eden overall it make fabulous breakfast! different breakfast habits of each country’s cuisine, though certainly the most beautiful of ours!

** I’m sure there are flavors of our delicious breakfasts in all provinces. Forget what you also specify in comments if you can pop up in another context

1 . Kuymak


From Black Sea region Turkish Cuisine… Kuymak Recipe:

Melt the butter in pan.

Let’s add the corn flour and mix on my kavural continuously.

Let the extra fast speed and mix for 1-2 minutes I cook brown, little by little water.

Let’s add and cook 3 minutes, began to solidify cheeses. (Unsalted cheese Let’s add the salt to 1 teaspoon)

Kui Let our food and serve hot.

2 . Menemen


Menemen indispensable to each table, but in Samsun Çakallı Menem NEW indispensable one. Even dislikes Menemen would love yourself.

Menemen Recipe

First, we put the scorching pepper finely chop we are putting on our oil for the butter begins to melt our aluminum pan. Peel and from then we start to cook in big chop, stir our last tomato. We grind our tender tomatoes with a fork until well cooked. Serve with cooked tomatoes and add pepper flakes on our later cheddar cheese and whipping us that we have egg yolks, add the cheese we cook, we added salt until it dissolves ready Menem our next pickles. Bon Appetit.

3 . Pişi


Yes, the name may be different, but in every area of our breakfast one star. If you wish crispy cheese it is a flavor that delights us with the smell of the breakfast since our childhood.

4 . Velibah


Of course, do not forget to eat plenty of sausage and bacon and everything. But it has a nice taste of their name Velibah. Between the potato is done by placing very thin dough.

5 . Boyoz


Boyoz next hot crispy poached egg! Yes, but can you maybe would not have attracted as Izmir , you can roll up their sleeves to make at home.

6 . Kavut


Yes, molasses, honey, jam, although the French are eating chocolate for breakfast küçümsesek he also had them down on our sugar at breakfast as we do not have to take years.

7 . Antep Roll


The breakfast is also a rich cuisine is so rich! This pistachio wraps you see or is mentioned as pistachio pie. In tomato, cheese fresh herbs and pistachios. Crackling and the taste is priceless!

8 . Semsek


It still made from pistachio cheese and fresh herbs! If you wish you can put into very thin materials, such as observing the dough. If you wish you can also make little cakes.

9 . Katmer


Pistachio breakfast in one of the most indispensable of Ply! Yes, but not be able to fill out registration open house so thin there. But can not you at least a momentary enthusiasm.

10 . Chickpea Salad


Yes Peas do not forget to carry a breakfast Antepliler that create legends, add flavor into each dish! Here chickpea salad …

What do you think? Have you ever eaten one of them? Please share your opinions with us as a comment!


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