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-Turkey Attractions October 27, 2016

Mezovit, Kuladoky, I’m Bug, Clandras, Wisdom, Light, Blaundus, Kay does not make you familiar with the names of places like, if they’re not portray any idea in mind that we in this post is for you. Tourism is not yet active in Turkey as gain not there are dozens of natural and historical beauty. Taught not to thes of tourism places; transportation, accommodation Difficulties such as a shortage of information about this region, and almost no sense even at the point we do not have any written and Visual sources. Most local people of the area by this unknown beauty we’ve compiled for you some of the.

1 . Mezovit / Rize Turkey


Kaçkar Mountains in the rest of the skirt Mezovit offers excellent images, especially in the summer months, accompanied by glaciers and mountain views. Rize and Artvin border between remaining can be accessed from this region Ayder. Usually this just add your trekking plans in absolute visited by climbers.

2 . Kula / Manisa Turkey


Kula district of Manisa, situated among the local population in this fairy chimneys “Kuladokya” is called. Cappadocia is so beautiful even said that even if there did not untouched virgin. Kula Peribacaları’nı can be reached by going towards the direction from Usak Kula district.

3 . Clandras Bridge / Uşak Turkey


Clandıras Bridge, situated in Usak Karahallı district boundaries is a historic building of the bridge Phrygian period. Bridge made about 2,500 years ago, a brand new state als due to incorrect restoration work carried out at various times, is one of the places to be seen by navigating. Meanwhile, do not forget to eat the famous Karahalliand far gone to his lungs.

4 . Işıklı Lake / Denizli Turkey


Light Lake, a small lake located in Denizli Çivril district boundaries. Bursa’s famous Gölyazı said to be more pristine state. carp and a variety of other freshwater fish species are grown in illuminated lake. It falls into this colorful boats to catch them. If you fall way Denizli Illuminated Lake will be waiting for you with amazing naturalness.

5 . Büğrüm Bridge / Antalya


dating back to the Roman Empire, this bridge is located in Antalya. Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman who has seen this bridge still stands to foot the entire period pristine and natural. This bridge can be accessed through Canyonlands National Park.

6 . Blaundus / Uşak


Blaundus ancient city, located in the border town of Ulubey, Uşak. First degree protected area in the region was declared a world famous Stonehenge-like structures located. This small settlement founded by Alexander the Great did not gain as active tourism and still retains its pristine natural beauty.

7 . Karataş Lake / Burdur


Karataş Lake Burdur, Tefenni is small and shallow freshwater lake located in the plains. Karamanli on the outskirts and is 1190 hectares. International lake in the list of wetlands, wildlife protection area was adopted in 1985. The altitude of the lake 1050 meters, a maximum depth of 2 meters.

8 . Banaz /Uşak


Banaz district remains in Usak province. Usak 42 lakes and ponds with Turkey is the only province which has the most lakes. Lake settlement to the light pollution because it is located in a very remote location, far removed protect the natural and untouched nature. Especially if you go at night, moonless days, seems perfect view of the stars.

9 . Aizonai Ancient City / Kütahya Turkey


Aizonai ancient city of Ephesus is seen as second by art historians, it is an archaeological site located within the boundaries of the district of Kütahya Çavdarhisar. This wonder of the world, unfortunately, unable to see the ruins of the Temple of Zeus attention it deserves, just another of the many unknown beauty of our country.

10 . Mençuna / Artvin Turkey


falling the way to the Black Sea is one of the places not necessarily need to Mençi Falls, Artvin’s Hopa is located in the outskirts of the city. Although only lane way in the enormous beauty of the waterfall can be reached by foot, clean enough to swim in and naturalness.


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