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-Turkey Attractions October 1, 2016

Who would have thought when we in Turkey‘s villages, natural and historical beauty does not come on. More known major tourist centers, though little-known in the village, which is intertwined with nature. tranquility and natural food when you go to these villages will understand how much you miss. Furthermore, most of the villages trip will look at your pocket. Then there are added benefits to our trip this route villages at the earliest opportunity. We made a list for you..

Top 15 Most Beautiful Villages of Turkey

1 . Sirince Village, Selcuk / Izmir


It was so nice of Judgment does not even bear to touch. December 21, 2012. This means undergoing a village and announced himself to the world flock to an incredible visit. in a village famous for its wine. Moreover, after the visit very near the village it can also visit the ancient city of Ephesus.

2 . Adatepe Village / Canakkale


Plenty of flowers filled with colorful windows adorned with the stone house that appeals to the eye and taste the village has an atmosphere that both serenity.

3 . Bademli Village, Dikili / Izmir


Another village that resembles a paradise of Izmir. If you say I’m going to get to the village by the sea is crystal clear beaches should visit this village is a must.

4 . Çamlıbel village, Edremit / Balikesir


The village center of Balikesir 109, 17 km from Edremit. It is recommended to go and see plenty of rest starved of oxygen, you’ll be in the mountains nor even goose. Embodies the ideal environment to set up camp, you may want to stay a few days. Do not forget to take your camera, enter the square you will see a lot of scenery deserves.

5 . Mordogan Karaburun / Izmir


Mordoğan, especially Çatalkaya, seal rocks and beach, Juniper Beach, famous for its 70 varieties of amateur fishing and purple flowers. The shores of the Aegean Sea is already considered an ordinary place.

6 . Yesilyurt Koyu / Mugla


every inch of Mugla, known by everyone as an individual good. Yeşilyurt Village is one of them, of course, that there are also prominent features. one of the villages that you should visit if you are interested in weaving the threads.

7 . Doğanbey Village, Soke / Aydin


A village where you can add it at the top of your list of places to visit if you are interested in ancient Greek architecture. plus the architectural know to pull the visitors with their natural beauty.

8 . Kayaköy / Mugla Turkey


With Greece Exchange when there are hundreds of abandoned stone houses in the village and is host to an attractive environment. horror film called Magic also shot here, knowing that your trip will add this village has a different air.

9 . Sigacik, Seferihisar / Izmir


Seferihisar You must have heard that among the world’s most peaceful settlements. Not only is this reason enough to head to listen, even if the need to go to this place. You do not want to go back again throws you step out here.

10 . Mazıköy, Bodrum / Mugla


One of the rare places where nature’s degradation Mazıköy. Sea and ancient ruins in a pine landscape accompanies.

11 . Kaynarpinar Karaburun / Izmir


Even in Kaynarpınar’ın way you’ll get enough of the scenery. Especially with one of the best views to watch the sunset.

12 . Mehmetalan village, Edremit / Balikesir


Kaz Mountains was established on the outskirts of a charming village you will find yourself surrounded by nature intertwined.

13 . Kapıkırı Village, Milas / Mugla


Besides the natural beauty of the historic beauty of this small village on the shores of Lake Bafa it is also available. The visit will end Kapkır a village visit.

14 . Dalyanköy Cesme / Izmir


Although the value of an environment to get more money out of your pocket can afford it compared to other villages.

15 . Koyunevi village Sokakağzı Coast, Aycacık / Canakkale


If you are looking for a place with a coastline of Canakkale their case this relaxing environment for you.

NOTE: Source of all pictures is ONEDİO . It is a famous web site from Turkey.

What do you think? Do you agree with our list? Plsease, share your opinion with us as a comment!


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