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-Turkey Attractions September 29, 2016

When we “Turkey” and “Ancient city” words together, that reminds everyone “Ephesus Ancient City“. The people who saw Ephesus before are admire to this ancient city. But, Ephesus is not only ancient city in Turkey. This country has 77 magnficent ancient city too. Actually they are more than 77, but culture ministry of Turkey choosed 77 ancient city for their must-see place list. We guess, you can’t go each one of them. Because of this, we made magnificent ancient cities of Turkey list for you.

Top 15 Magnificent Ancient Cities of Turkey

1 . Ephesus , Izmir Turkey


Let everyone know that from Ephesus. Izmir Province Selcuk district within the boundaries of the first establishment of the ancient city of Ephesus BC It is based on the 6000 year. Hellenistic and Roman times, living in the most glorious period in Ephesus, the capital and largest port city of the province of Asia with a population of 200,000 people. One of the world’s seven wonders of the Temple of Artemis was located in the ancient city of Ephesus.

2 . Aizonia, Kutahya Turkey


57 km from the city center of Kutahya. away is Çavdarhisar District. The city experienced its heyday in the second and third centuries AD and became the center of episcopacy in the Byzantine Period. The city is located in the best-preserved temple in all of Anatolia built for Zeus. In addition stadium adjacent to a large theater, one of two baths and gymnasium, including mosaics, ancient dam with five bridges, two of them are still used today on Kocaçay, listed buildings, colonnaded streets, necropolis and Meter Steune are the holy cave.

3 .  Pergamon, Izmir Turkey


Pergamum, today the center of the province of Izmir’s Bergama district board over the ancient city’s name. the northwest city of Pergamon in Bergama tea has settled Roman period. There were 30 thousand seat theater where the 50 thousand seat amphitheater. Today, the ruins are still standing arch called Viran door of the theater. the ruins of the city, laying railroad workers in Western Anatolia in the 1870s found a German engineer Carl Humann.

4 . Magnesia , Aydın Turkey


I Magnesia ad Meander, Aydin Province, Germencik District Partners single bound village in the territory of Partners Söke is located on the highway. Magnesia works in Paris , Berlin and Istanbul are exhibited in the museum.

5 . Priene, Aydın Turkey


Priene, Aydın is located near the town of Güllübahçe. Establishment of BC 2. It is estimated that extends up to a thousand years. Priene is the best example of the old city planning. The city of Miletus architect developed by Hippodamus “grid system” was built.

6 . Milet, Aydin Turkey


Miletus, Aydin province, 30 km in Söke Söke district boundaries. distance and near Akkoy. Although the port city of Miletus organization for the harbor filled with silt brought by the Büyük Menderes River is located inland today. Buildings in the city with a capacity of between 15,000 and Roman structure in recent years began to repair the theater, M.S. Was built in the 1st century Roman Baths, the main religious centers that Delphinion, North Agora, M.S. 1. century Ionian Stoa, Capito Baths, Gymnasium, which was built in the 2nd century Bouleterion, 164×196 m. South in size Agora, M.S. 2 Baths made a century Faust important.

7 . Zeugma Ancient City, Gaziantep Turkey


Zeugma is an ancient city founded by Alexander the Great’s generals Seleucus in 300 BC In Nikator. Today, Nizip district of Gaziantep, 10 km from the outskirts of the village of Belkis. Gypsy Girl is renowned for its mosaic and there are many mosaics in the city.

Excavations carried out in the A, B and villas of the city investigated and found that in three sections C and B sections of the market are today under the Birecik Hydroelectric Dam. Not yet in Part C of excavation it is planned to be created in the future an open-air museum. The ancient city, with the rest of the world-famous mosaics of the Roman period. Zeugma Mosaic Museum is a museum worth seeing.

8 . Myra Ancient City , Antalya Turkey


Antalya, Kale (Demre) in the Kas district – famous for its dramatic tombs Myra Santa Claus between Phoenicia that is where St. Nicholas was born. Myra’s splendid theater has survived to the present day is quite robust. its seats in the theater founded in behind the steep side of the mountain is mostly carved into the rock. The theater is also used later as a sports arena. Famous for its rock-cut tombs in Myra tombs just above the theater and being in a place called the river necropolis side is collected in two places.

9 . Aphrodisias , Aydin Turkey


There are many ancient city of Aphrodisias name but the most famous is located in Karacasu, Aydin. Turkey’s most famous photographer Ara Guler in the region has been the disappearance of the random manner.

10 . Hierapolis, Pamukkale, Denizli Turkey


It is an ancient city located near Pamukkale. For therapeutic purposes in groundwater used Pamukkale (travertine) thanks attracted tourists throughout history. Theatre capacity of 9500, respectively.

11 . Hattuşaş Ancient City, Corum Turkey


Hattushash ruins, Corum 82 km. It is located in the southwest. We learn the world’s first written agreement Kadesh agreement was made Hattuşaş.

12 . Xanthos (Ksantos) Ancient City, Antalya Turkey


Located in the ancient city of Fethiye-Kas road of 70 kilometers. Many historical city that has survived from the scene of events and battles between rock tombs and ruins, there are tombs and funerary monuments specific planting the Lycian culture. Lycian acropolis are among the early works. Many times restored theaters and churches Early Christian Era is made of works that can be seen.

13 . Alacahöyük, Corum Turkey


Alacahöyük Located in 45 km. south, varied district 17 km. It is located in the northwest. Alacahöyük discussed the findings, the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations in Ankara are exhibited in the museum opened to visitors in 1941 Alacahoyuk. In 1988 the area was declared a national park covering Alacahöyük and Bogazköy.

14 . Aspendos , Antalya Turkey


Aspendos, which is located next to the river Köprüçay is recognized worldwide for its magnificent ancient amphitheater. Every year thousands of domestic and foreign tourists visit Aspendos. Ancient theater also concerts, is still used for events.

15 . Leodikeia , Denizli Turkey


Denizli 6 km. north is located. There is theater capacity of approximately 20,000 people.

What Do you think? Do you with our list? Please, share your opinions with us as a comment!


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