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uncategorized October 18, 2016

Bath tradition is an ancient tradation that goes back to the Romans. The Turks, who came to Anatolia, combined their bath tradation with Roman and Byzantine tradation. The first puplich bath is Çemberlitaş bath built by Mimar Sinan at reauest of Nurbanu Sultan, mother of Murat III. At the end of the 16th century, the number of baths was approaching five thousand. The baths in Istanbul are famous all over the world. Çemberlitaş, Beyazit Hoca Paşa, Fındıklı baths in Fatih are the most historical baths, Another different side of bath is the Finnish bath, based on steam bathç

Turkish baths are mainly divided in there sections:

– Changing Rooms

– Bathing Places (Coldness, Bath),

– Heating Place (furnace)

Sections of Turkish Baths

Changing Rooms

There usually is a large sofa with small rooms and benches around it. People who have a bath can rest and change their clothes in this section.

Bathing Places

TThe bath is entered through the coldness. There are raised, heated marble platforms (göbek taşı) in different geometrical shapes. The heated marble platform is the area where people sweat. Aroun the heated marble platform, there are marble basins where everyone can have bath one by one, and the halvet, whic is a partially enclosed bathing cubicle where people have a bath alone.

Heating Places (Furnace)

The furnace is generally under the heated marble platform and there is a fire heating it. Flames and smoke rising from the fire get out of the bath through special paths and inner walls. There is a hot water tank on the furnance oven, and over it there is a cold water tank. Several channels in the bottom part of the oven go under the heated marble platform in the middle of bathing place. Flame and smoke of wood burning in the oven go to the heated marble platform through these channels.It’s called hel because the dark place under heated marble platform gets so hot.

Top 5  Amazing Turkish Baths from Istanbul Turkey

1 .Cağaloğlu Hamamı


Mahmud he made during Istanbul’s largest double bath Cağaloğlu Bath, has baroque style architecture. Unlike the classical Ottoman architecture cold and hot sections vary according to other baths. 300 years of women’s standing bath and separate sections for men. New York Times “without dying Must Be Seen Before 1000 Location” in the list Cağaloğlu Bath, it bears the distinction of being the last big bath was built during the Ottoman period.
The entry price Bath: 90TL rub, massage included in the price 150TL
Address: prof.kaz Ismail Gurkan Cad. No. 24 Cağaloğlu-Eminönü / Istanbul
Phone: (0212) 512 8553

2 . Süleymaniye Turkish Bath


Since 1557 the dome standing bath and one of Istanbul’s most beautiful ornaments lined up one after the other with a chimney. by Suleiman the Magnificent to the baths built by Mimar Sinan Mimar Sinan; “My master work,” he called it. Suleymaniye Mosque was built at that time with the baths and the complex. Located at Beyazit bath consists of three parts. Women and men as well as the part they can use every day, Suleiman once bathed in a special section of the lodge is also used part of the bath. The structure of the preferred bath more foreigners from Turkey and is among the structures remain to be seen due to the Ottoman period.
The entry fee Bath (Peeling, foam massage included) 100TL.
Address: Mimar Sinan Caddesi No: 20. Sulaymaniyah / Istanbul
Phone: (0212) 519 5569

3 . Çinili Turkish Bath


Date tiled bath was built in 1640 by Sultan Köse. The sufficiency of the end of life has assumed his brother to finish the bath. “Tiled” to put the name comes from being adorned with custom tile in that period. But the tiles had not until today, has been stolen. yet more changes in the structure passed back to life on stage, just as the original blue stone walls are decorated in keeping with the work. The beauty of the historic baths have been noticed by many series and photographer and has been used in a variety of artistic projects. foam massage in the dome of the male and female parts of the bath is quite high, oil massage services are offered for turf and women.
The entry fee Baths: 20TL (6TL pouch, foam massage 6TL)
Address: Mother-i Atik Mh., 34664 Üsküdar / Istanbul
Phone: (0216) 334 9710

4 . Gedikpaşa Turkish Bath


The Grand Bazaar is the most important piece of Ottoman architecture, is located near Gedikpasa Bath was built in 1475 by Ahmet Pasha. A sauna, a pool, which is next to the historic heart of stone is the only bath. At the same time one of the male and female sections of the double hamam in Istanbul.
Bath entrance fee: 50TL (Peeling, foam massage included) 70 TL.
Address: Hamam Cad. No: 65 – 67 Gedikpaşa / Istanbul
Phone: (0212) 517 8956

5 . Galatasaray Turkish Bath


Sultan ruled for centuries. by Bayezid, Rose made his father’s desire to Galatasaray Hamam baths date from today’s most preferred. In 1484 the most important person at that time Gul Baba Sultan II. bath and schools who wish to Bayezid made as large as requested by the person. Many generals, women, the grand vizier and important legacy of the past to today’s baths used by the sultan.
Bath entrance fee: 65TL (Peeling, foam massage included) 135TL.
Address: Turnacıbaşı Sokak, No: 24 Galatasaray-Beyoğlu / Istanbul
Phone: for Men (0212) 252 4242 / (0212) 249 4342

What do you think? Do you agree with our list? Please share your opinions with us as a comment!


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