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TURKISH July 4, 2017

Turkish Airlines (THY) is one of the most important brands of Turkey all over the world. In order to travel to Istanbul and Turkey, first of all you need to find an airline firm that provides reliable and quality service. Turkish Airlines is the best quality airline company in Turkey. You can easily understand this by looking at the past of the company and the awards it has won. Today Turkish Airlines is flying almost all the countries in the world. Turkish Airlines, which flew to 42 countries in Europe in 2016, was named the best airline company in Europe. Turkish airways have a history of 55 years. It also provides services around the world for quite some time. Turkish Airlines has signed a sponsorship agreement with UEFA for the success of the airline.

A Brief History of Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines was founded in 1933 by the Ministry of National Defense under the guidance of Fesa Enversev. Since its establishment, the equipment has continuously increased and continued to develop. Turkish Airways survived one of its greatest developments in 1946. In 1946, he began to increase the number of passengers from 18 to 37 with new pilots and aircrafts. In 1947 he made his first international flight by flying from Ankara to Istanbul to Athens. In 1959, Rome and Athens sales bureaus were established. Between 1964 and 1965, Brussels, Munich , Tel Aviv, Amsterdam , Belgrade, and Tabriz departed. After these developments Turkish airways have grown a little more each year and have been quite developed until 1980. Growing up with the cause of chaotic situations in the 1980s slowed down. But in the 1990s it started to show itself again on the world market. It has been growing every day and has become the best airline company in Europe.

Turkish Airlines Reviews

If you are traveling by air, a number of factors are important, such as cabin crew, service quality, and so on. When visiting Istanbul and Turkey why should you prefer Turkish Airlines. Turkish Airlines is a company that has proven the quality of the whole world. This alanda received awards in 2016 and 2017. The most important criterion that allows us to choose a product is those who have purchased the same product or service before us. We share three comments for Turkish Airways. These Turkish airlines reviews made by different people provide you with a general impression of the company and the quality of service. Thus, you can purchase tickets in Turkish Airlines more peacefully by removing the question marks in your head.

In this first comment, the passenger seems quite satisfied with the service quality. You can read the traveler’s assessment from the shared picture. If you have the features you expect from an air travel, there will be no problem getting tickets from Turkish Airlines.

The user commented on the second Turkish Airlines comment, which was shared. However, he seems to be satisfied with his journey and talks about how helpful the airline company is. The quality of the customer service quality, as mentioned by this traveler, is what gives the company many awards worldwide.

In a recent comment on Turkish airlines, the user talks about the quality of the cabin crew of the company. When you fly with this company you can get service in different standards. However, you will see during your journey that the quality of all services is extremely high.

Airports and Accommodation in Turkey

You have decided to visit Turkey. There can be many justifiable reasons for this. As a good airline company, we told you why you should choose Turkish air routes. However, the journey does not just end with a beautiful flight. As with all other countries, accommodation will be one of your biggest problems during your visit to Turkey. You have bought a ticket from Turkish Airways and have completed your journey. At which hotel you will stay. We will respond to this problem as a guide site trying to help you to visit Istanbul and Turkey. Below we will share with you the most used airports of Turkey and the list of the best quality hotels you can stay after your journey to these airports.

Antalya Airport

Antalya is one of the most tourist holiday destinations in Turkey. You can use Antalya Airport to reach this city. After arriving at Antalya Airport, you can see the top quality hotels that you can stay in to get rid of the tiredness of your journey by clicking here.

Sabiha Gokcen Airport

Sabiha Gokcen, Istanbul Airport located near Anatolia, Turkey. Once you arrive here, you can see the top quality hotels that you can stay in and click here to book.

Atatürk Airport

Atatürk Airport is the airport located in the European part of İstabul Turkey. After you arrive here, you can see the best hotels you can stay in by clicking here. You can book your favorite hotel.

Adnan Menderes Airport

Adnan Menderes Airport is located in Izmir Turkey. When you come here you can see the top quality hotels you can stay in by clicking here.

Ankara Esenboga Airport

Ankara Esenboga Airport is located in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey. When you come here you can see the best quality hotels in Ankara by clicking here.

We shared the most used airports in Turkey and the best quality hotels around these airports. Here, the best comments hotels from the users are shared between Istanbul and Turkey. You can book through the secure booking system.

Turkish Airlines Online Ticket

Today, we do almost all shopping through the internet. You can also purchase airline tickets on the bus at affordable prices over the internet. If you want to come to Istanbul or Turkey, Turkish Airlines is the best company you can find. How do you purchase affordable Turkish Airlines tickets? Turkish Airlines is selling tickets through its official website. This site provides services for many foreign languages besides English. You can easily get plane tickets to the English page of Turkish Airlines from here.

Tips for buying cheap tickets from Turkish Airlines

If you want to visit Istanbul or Turkey, you will probably want to travel with Turkish Airlines. We will share simple and short tips with you to buy tickets cheaper than Turkish airlines.

– Keep your travel dates flexible. There are discounts on ticket prices during certain periods. Try to make your holiday during these times.
– Get your tickets when prices are most appropriate. Follow the Turkish Airlines site before you leave. Buy at the time when ticket prices are most appropriate.
– Buy your tickets early.
– Try alternate rovers instead of direct rovers.
– Sign up for airlines’ mailing lists. So you can be informed about all your ticket campaigns in advance.
– There are different search engines on the Internet that download flight tickets. You can search for Turkish Airlines tickets on these search engines.

You can share your thoughts about Turkish Airlines in our comment field.


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